In Cov, the youth of the struggle of anxiety and distance learning, the survey showed

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Teenagers have to see their school and family life, to overturn in the Cov epidemic and struggling with anxiety and social alienation of the Protocol, a new survey reveals.

According to the survey, conducted for Common Sense Media and Survey Monkey, eight out of 10 adolescents the following about the news COVID-19 closely and more than 60%are worried that they or a family member will be exposed to the virus, it will affect their family’s ability to earn a living.

Most of the adolescents, 54%, say they are”very”practice social distancing. However, as most of the Teens say they stopped participating in public events or places such as restaurants, movies or concerts(81%)and stop meeting with close friends in person(68 percent).

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Teenagers are struggling with the anxiety and learning from home COVID-19 pandemic.

Teenagers are struggling with the anxiety and learning from home COVID-19 pandemic.

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That physical distance is a has an impact on their psychological health the survey found.

Forty-two percent of Teens say they feel”more lonely than usual”now-this is almost the same as those who say they feel”about the lonely as usual,”in 43 per cent. Only 15%said they felt”a little lonely than usual.”

In addition, slightly more than half of the adolescents do not attend school said they worry about not being able to keep with their studies.

As with the new coronavirus virus’infection rates and mortality, there is a racial difference in how adolescents are responding to, according to new data.

In the survey, adolescents of color are more likely to say they worry about exposure to this virus and about the potential economic impact for their families.

In particular, almost nine in 10 Hispanic Teens say they worry about the impact of their family’s ability to earn a living.

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As of Thursday afternoon, the new coronavirus has infected at least 1. 5 million people, including more than 452,000 in the United States.

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