How to watch Season 3 of ‘Yellowstone’


What: Season 3 of Yellowstone

Where to watch: On

Premiere date: June 21, 2020

When last we saw the Dutton family, we’d learned more about their life on the ranch, and just how far they were willing to go to keep it. They squared off with the Beck Brothers in a classic Western match up, and came to terms with the revelation of Christina’s pregnancy. 

For Season 3, expect the tension and gritty violence Yellowstone is known for, and a shocking finale that leaves the lives of many characters up in the air. Catch the trailer below:


Thinking about catching up with the Dutton family? Here’s what you need to know.

How can I watch Season 3 of Yellowstone?

All 10 episodes of Season 3 of Yellowstone are currently available on the streaming service Peacock. You can catch up on Seasons 1 and 2 of the series there as well. 

Is Yellowstone renewed for Season 4?

Yes, the Paramount Network announced four months before the Season 3 premiere that it was renewing Yellowstone for a fourth season. A post on the official confirmed that Season 4 has finished filming and will arrive in June 2021.

What are people saying about Season 3 of Yellowstone?

Critics agree that Season 3 of Yellowstone starts off slow, but ends with a real bang. Many of the convoluted storylines get some resolution this season, and the show sets itself up for some new, thrilling threads for Season 4. Some highlights:

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