How I Got My Covid-19 Vaccine: Tales of Getting the Shot

A trip on a nine-seater plane. A three-hour wait in the Texas winter storm. A shot through a car window. As more Americans are becoming eligible to receive a vaccine, many say they will share their tales of their efforts to get the vaccine with generations to come.

“It was definitely an adventure,” said Daniel Beider, who got a shot after flying across his state in a nine-seater plane.

Here are stories of vaccines to remember:

A surprise text

Amy Kugler joined a long line of people waiting to get their vaccines at an event center in Seattle. It was the first time in more than a year that she had been around so many people, even if they were physically distanced.

Ms. Kugler, a 39-year-old communications and content consultant, had thought she would be one of the last members of her family to be vaccinated.

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