House Majority Leader says timing on articles of impeachment vote will be announced tonight


During the debate by Articles of impeachment today, the Republican Representative Mike Johnson claimed that senior officials in Ukraine did not know until last August, the White House withheld the military assistance.

“Let me correct something else,”Johnson said. “My good friend and trusted friend[on behalf of Zoe]Lofgren said earlier breakthrough a certain point, the Ukraine know about the Held of aid, but the fact is the Ukrainian government senior officials don’t know about the delay of funds until August 28th.”

We know what:It is unclear when exactly the Ukrainian government officials know that almost $ 400 million in military and security aid be withheld. But there is evidence that some of them suspect that there is a problem of funding as early as May 25, the same day as the President of Trump the words of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

According to testimony from Laura Cooper, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, in the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee and some members of her staff told her that they had received inquiries about the assistance from the Ukrainian officials on July 25.

Cooper did not, however, know that if the Ukrainian officials are aware of the hold off of assistance or just to check.

The New York Times reported that, according to Olena Zerkal, a former senior official in Kiev, Ukraine member governments know that aid has been detained at some point in late July, but Zerkal can’t recall the exact date.

It was not until the political report said that in late August, the ACE is hiding military assistance, the Ukrainian top Zelensky adviser Andrey Ermak,texted Kurt Volker, Trump’s special envoy to Ukraine, a link to articles and information”we need to talk.”

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