HBO Max and HBO Now and HBO: what’s the difference?

WarnerMedia has launched a much-hyped HBO Max,promising a large catalog of exclusive and original streaming content. But how is HBO the biggest difference HBO Now and HBO Go?

There are so many of the HBO brand package, it can get confusing to the average consumer. So, in this article, we look at HBO Max and HBO Now and HBO Go to help you decide which service to choose.

What is the HBO channel?

hbo Now streaming service

HBO is now HBO’s independent streaming service for the United States. It is similar to Netflix in the user stream directly from HBO and therefore does not require a third-party website, service, or cable package.

HBO Now costs 14. $ 99/month, not including taxes. Since the service, does not form part of the package of the cable, you are billed monthly, and can cancel the subscription at any time without being locked into a longer contract period.

HBO Now includes the full catalog of HBO content, including a popular series on HBO

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But not from the other WarnerMedia nature.

What is HBO Go?

hbo Go, the streaming media site

HBO Go is a streaming media application, for customers in the USA who is a cable TV package to subscribe to HBO. Different HBO NOW, HBO Go is part of the TV package is not an independent service. Wireless account HBO subscription, you can login to the HBO Go app.

The price of HBO Go according to the different channel of the subscription price of different cable provider.

However, it provides access to exactly the same content and directories, as HBO.

What is HBO Max?

hbo the biggest streaming service

HBO the biggest is also the best platform for the HBO movie and television series. However, not only HBO content, it also provides content from across the WarnerMedia directory. The platform will also host original content HBO Max called Max originals.

Services include all of HBO’s catalog, as well as the title from the other WarnerMedia network and franchises. This includes content from DC,CNN, TNT, TBS, truTV, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Facebook, Rooster Teeth, Ronnie cartoons, and select medical classic movies.

HBO Max subscription fees 14. $ 99/month(not including tax)如果直接购买 However, WarnerMedia countries, if buy it as part of the package or from another supplier, the price may vary.

For example, if you buy HBO maximum access to through Hulu, YouTube video, or your cable provider, prices may vary. AT&T and other Internet service providers also include access to HBO the biggest part of certain packages.

HBO the maximum Vs. HBO Now ratio. HBO: the main difference


There are so many HBO celebrity application, it is no doubt that people are confused about their use of the service, and subscriptions. So, what’s the difference between HBO GO, HBO Now and HBO Max?

HBO Now and HBO Go a different aspect of how do you access HBO content: either as a stand-alone streaming service for the former, or through a cable TV package for the latter.

HBO the most, on the other hand, is essentially the replacement for HBO Now and HBO Go. It provides a Central platform through which HBO users can access the content, with a larger directory of TV series and movies, thanks to the inclusion of WarnerMedia nature. HBO Max also includes a maximum of original, unique content, can not flow to any other platform.

While HBO Go and HBO channels, and still maintain functionality, this seems to be the interests of the equipment and the supplier does not support HBO maximum. HBO the most essentially the future stream HBO content, due to its more centralized the login process and more directory.

How to get HBO Max

HBO Max is only available to customers in the United States and select US territories. Stream platform cannot be accessed from outside the United States. But how do you subscribe to the service, if you want to expand the directory on the offer?

The process is slightly different, depending on whether you already have an HBO subscription, or a new customer.

Existing user HBO

Existing direct payments users HBO is now automatically upgraded to the HBO Max at no extra cost, as long as the update support device. Subscription plans are the same price when billing directly by HBO, making the transition seamless.

However, the customer is charged by Apple, Google, Samsung, Optimum and Verizon Fios Internet can also enhance their HBO Now app, to the HBO Max without paying an additional fee.

HBO Go users are able to move to HBO the most, but this will depend on your cable provider support for the new platform.

According to WarnerMedia, HBO Go users to pay directly through AT&T,the AT&T TV, DIRECTV, U energy-saving TV, Cox, Hulu, the best spectrum, Suddenlink, Verizon Fios video, or choose separate suppliers can also access HBO, Max, at no extra cost.

If your cable provider supports HBO Max, you will be able to use your cable account details to login HBO maximum. But if you get the error message”currently unavailable”, when you turn on HBO to the maximum, this means that your provider does not currently support services.

New HBO subscribers

If you don’t already subscribe to HBO through one of its older services or a third party, you can get HBO the maximum signed in HBO Max site. This is the most direct way to access the service.

You can also register through the HBO app, IOS or Samsung Smart TV.

Other providers offer HBO the greatest access include:

  • Apple TV channels
  • Hyacinth
  • YouTube on TV

Alternatively, you can sign up for the HBO, Max, through your cable provider.

HBO Max can also through certain Internet service providers, including:

  • AT&T
  • Integrated communications
  • Free
  • Best
  • Verizon

You will have to check the parcel and plans, including HBO maximum access to the part of their bundled services.

This HBO service subscriptions?

If you are not currently subscribed to a streaming service for HBO content, and HBO the greatest way to go. It is the same price for HBO Now offers more content. Of course, you may still use HBO Go if your cable provider does not provide access to HBO maximum.

However, if you are looking for an alternative streaming service, there are many others you can choose from. Take a look at our table of the best TV streaming service

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More options.

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