Four short links: 13 June 2020

  1. Too efficiency(Tim Bray)believes that efficiency optimization of a variable. Because anyone who has seen a dog or a Dalmatian up in the vicinity know that optimization of one aspect of a complex system can be weakened in other aspects. Tim cites software security, food, working hours and others. The optimization of the advice I received”never set a goal, always have at least two: What do you hope to get what, what you don’t want to lose to get there.”
  2. Voice separation(Facebook AI) A new method to separate the five voices speak simultaneously in a microphone. Our approach goes beyond the previous state of the art performance in several speech source separation benchmarks, including those challenging noise and echoes. One step closer to be able to drop a microphone into a room, there is a transcript of what is said in the meeting.
  3. Design file on Google of a very good structure, which might inspire you when compared to the current design file. (You must design the document, right?)
  4. Forged hardware We bought more than 1000″waterproof”detector, or the bare chip is from more than 70 different suppliers on ebay, carrier, online store size, in 2019. All of the detectors on ebay on the buy and the carrier contained in the forgery of the DS18B20 sensor and almost all sensors bought this two website are a forgery. The supply chain is difficult, to say the false Barbiee(tm).

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