Fortnite Neymar Jr. Guide: How And When To Unlock Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr., soccer star and pride of the Brazilian National Team, is coming to Fortnite, and why not? This is, after all, a game that has already featured The Terminator, Batman, Ellen Ripley, and now even the Tomb Raider herself, Lara Croft. In Fortnite, there are no bounds to who might show up.

Neymar was teased a few days ago, and has now been fully revealed with even the game’s menus leaving no room for doubt. But you can’t play as him just yet, no matter what Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass tier you climb to. Here’s what you need to know about when he will become unlockable and how you’ll probably go about earning Neymar in Fortnite.

When Is Neymar Coming to Fortnite?

If you heard Neymar is coming to Fortnite and booted up the game today only to find a collection of other characters, such as Agent Jones and DC Comics’ Raven, it’s not your fault. Neymar is a midseason unlockable character for Fortnite Season 6, so he’s not available just yet. In recent seasons, we’ve seen other big names like Predator and Wolverine become available this way, and this time Epic Games is choosing to use a figure from real life instead of beloved fictional characters.

In the game’s menu, it says Neymar will be available in 42 days, which, at time of writing this and barring any delays, should mean his debut will fall on April 27. Until then you won’t be able to select Neymar in the game, but you can get a preview of what accessories he’ll include today.

Trying to access Neymar Jr. in the Fortnite Battle Pass menu raises a large question mark.
Trying to access Neymar Jr. in the Fortnite Battle Pass menu raises a large question mark.

If you head to the Battle Pass tab in Fortnite and scroll to the “?” page, you’ll see six Neymar Jr. rewards, and though the items themselves remain hidden, we can see by browsing them they include one Harvesting Tool, one Loading Screen, two Banners, one Outfit (Neymar Jr. himself), and an additional Style option, which means players will be able to choose from two different looks for the world-class athlete.

Typically, these midseason rewards are unlocked with additional challenges and by defeating the character themself in-game. While this approach seemed like a natural fit for Wolverine and Predator, it’s going to be a bit weirder to have to take down Neymar Jr. in battle, but until we hear otherwise, this does seem to be the plan. Maybe Epic will shake things up and demand we face Neymar on the pitch. That’s the thing about this game; you never can exactly predict how it’s going to play out.

We’ll certainly learn a lot more as his debut approaches, and once his full range of cosmetics and challenges are available, we’ll have all the guides you need right here.

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