Fantastic fan footage of Daniel Cormier storming over to Jake Paul at UFC 261 and setting him straight

Dana White certainly didn’t invite Jake Paul to UFC 261, but the YouTuber turned professional boxer turned up anyway.

Fresh after defeating former UFC man Ben Askren in a boxing match, Paul attended UFC 261 in Jacksonville, Florida and when Daniel Cormier saw him, the former double champion made a beeline for Paul.

Daniel Cormier told Jake Paul straight as soon as he saw him

Daniel Cormier told Jake Paul straight as soon as he saw him

UFC cameras didn’t catch the altercation. This certainly did not feel like something that was set-up.

Cormier got right in Paul’s face and judging by this great fan footage, you can see that the 3-0 boxer certainly didn’t give it back.

On commentary, DC spoke of the incident, telling Joe Rogan: “I swear to god I just saw Jake Paul, I pointed at him and I said ‘don’t play with me,’ because I’ll smack him in the face. He’s right there. I don’t play those games, Joe.”

At several points on the card, the entire 15,000 in attendance chanted ‘f*** Jake Paul’. Still, the YouTuber probably looks at the night as a big success publicity wise.

Cormier is indeed not a man to be messed with. He’s a former light-heavyweight and heavyweight champion in UFC and markedly more dangerous than someone like Askren.

The reason Paul has drawn the ire of Cormier is because he called him out on social media following his win over Askren and even called him ‘fat boy’.

Jake Paul was not welcome at UFC 261

Jake Paul was not welcome at UFC 261

Speaking after the event, UFC president Dana White said he would never do business with Paul and the pay-per-view numbers they’ve touted – which Paul said were around 1.6 million – are not real.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This kid has done a good job of putting himself in a place to make some money, so good for him,” White started. 

“He’s got you guys talking about him all the time, asking questions about him, Daniel Cormier running after him, so you got to do something right. He knocked out a former NBA guy who was 40 years old, 30lbs less than him and I don’t even know what to say about the (Ben) Askren thing. 

“The whole thing is f****** mind boggling to me. Good for him, grab that money while you can kid.”

Dana White has made no secret of his dislike for Jake Paul

Dana White has made no secret of his dislike for Jake Paul

“The numbers are there? Nah, I don’t know if the numbers are there,” White said referring to what Paul drew versus Askren. 

“Listen, do you know what would happen to this guy? He ain’t fighting in the UFC. He gets hand picked opponents and god knows what else is going on with that f****** thing – there is a market for that. That’s not what I do. 

“People want to see that and that’s great, he’ll make a couple bucks before that ride is over. That’s not what I do. Tonight is what I do. The numbers that you’re hearing that they did are full of s***. They’re full of s***. Didn’t pull those kind of numbers – at all. Not even close.”

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