Everything coming to Amazon Prime Video in August 2020

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Ready to continue streaming! Amazon is welcoming a whole new set of movies and TV shows, this August.

If you like the idea of more than 60 teams from 30 States began a massive 11-day adventure, you will want to look at The world’s toughest race: Eco-Challenge, FijiBy the creators of Survivors By Bear Grylls.

Need something, kid? Amazon Originals Clifford the Big Red Dog And Jess and Nessy Will get the new episodes.

Amazon Prime Video will also see the premiere of the coming of age romantic Chemical heart This August. If that’s not your style, the flow of recent releases like Capone, Arkansas, Dora and The Lost City of goldOr Peanut butter of the Falcon. And you’re gonna throw it back to the 80’s? Steel Magnolias, Top Gunthat Rain Man Arrival.

Check everything that came to the Prime Video January 2020 the following.


Yes, we died a full-length trailer as much.

According to Krystal Sutherland’s debut novel, Our chemical heartThis youth film having a self-proclaimed romantic Henry page(Austin Abrams)waiting for the day that he met his life’s love. Shortly after Lynn Town(Lili Reinhart)to transfer to his school, and began to edit the newspaper, he began to wonder if she was a girl, he was looking for. But will her dark secrets keep them apart?

Chemical heart Tips in a tragic, but sweet narrative. Although it may not be a groundbreaking masterpiece, There is something comforting about coming of age story, consider the possibility of the future. In addition, Riverdale‘s Lily and Reinhart Excitement‘s Austin Abrams took center stage, it is likely that at least can act.

How to see: Chemical heart To start streaming. 21 in Amazon Prime Video.


3:10 to Yuma (8/1)
Arkansas (8 month 5 day)
Primary Dolphin 2 (8/14)
Capone (8/10)
Chemical heart (8 to 21 February)
Knell: the Knight and the Dragon (8/4)—for buy
Dora and The Lost City of gold (8 October-3 November)
Four Weddings and a funeral (8/1)
Hard late fall (8/10)
Since the establishment of the (8/1)
Irresistible (8/18)—provides for the purchase of
Lucky day (8/10)Margin(8/1)Master(8/14)
My Bloody Valentine (8/1)
Original (8/31)
Rain Man (8/1)
Rustlers’Rhapsody (8/1)
Safe (8/1)
What things to (8/1)
Spare parts (8/1)
Spider-Man 3 (8/1)
Steel Magnolias (8/1)
Superman: The Man Of Tomorrow (8/23)—provides for the purchase of
Courier (8/31)
Cup (8/18)
Battle (8/7)—provides for the purchase of
Holiday (8/1)
The king of Staten Island (8/11)—provides for the purchase of
Legion (8/22)
Peanut butter of the Falcon (8/6)
Top Gun (8/1)


The Beverly HillbilliesSeason 1(8/1)
Beyond straight scaredSeason 1(8/1)
Difficult’ridesSeason 1(8/1)
BloodSeason 1(8/1)|
CalifornicationSeason 1(8/1)
Chesapeake CoastSeason 1(8/1)
CliffordSeason 2B(8 to 21 February)
Dusty trailSeason 1(8/1)
Fifth WardSeason 1(8/1)
Ice Road TruckersSeason 1(8/1)
Jess and NessySeason 1B(8/7)
LEGO Jurassic WorldThe Legend of the Nubra Island, the show: Season 1(8/1)
Les MiserablesSeason 1(8/1)
A movable feastSeason 1(8/1)
The Prime Minister backIn the boys(8 on 28th)
RiveraSeason 1(8/1)
The Berenstein BearsSeason 1(8/1)
TeacherSeason 1(8/1)
The world’s toughest race: Eco-Challenge, FijiSeason 1(8/14)

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