Eddie Hearn predicted, many of the fighters will have to leave Boxing because of the Cov of the crisis

Boxing in the UK have been suspended until at least May

Many of the fighters will be forced to leave Boxing because of the influence of the Cov of the crisis, the promotion of Eddie Hearn has warned.

Last Monday, the British Boxing Board of control to expand the suspension of the event until May and some of the main fights have been cancelled and the candidate is expected to a lot of boxers have to get a different job in the future.

“CoV is to have a huge impact on every business, especially Boxing,”Hearn told BBC Radio 5 live Boxing podcast.

“If this drags on, September, October, November, we will have a fighter, not boxed this year.

“Combatants of the top would be good, but the fighter over, the small hall of the fighter, starting their careers or those without a sponsorship deal face concern issues.

“They will have to give up Boxing and get a job, which is heartbreaking people try to live their dreams.

“If there is any event that the company does not make money and the athletes don’t get the bonus. We will see a lot of fighters have been Boxing at a lower level, because there is no income. “

‘No chance these Olympics happen’

Hearn, whose Matchroom Boxing company to promote the world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and also produces shows around the world feel these are uncertain times for each sport.

“We don’t want people to leave the movement, we hope that more fighters the better,”said HOU.

“But look at the Olympics, these people have grafted for four years, in order to achieve their dreams and fight against in Tokyo.

Only three days of action at the Olympic Boxing qualifying activities can include a pause before the last week

“There is no chance these Olympics happen, so what will they do? Everything will be completely revamped every sport.

“The Premier League campaign after four months to affect the next quarter, the Euro has been canceled, what will happen to the Olympic cycle? What will happen with our show?

“We are delaying the event in local and combatants delays in their time to peak and get, everyone holding their breath to see how long this duration-the message right now is as people say.

“We hope to return to action in the late or mid-summer, but no one knows.”

Some movement will not recover

Hearn believes that Boxing will be a”100% survival”, but not all companies or promoters of the games.

He said:”If you do not run a sustainable business very quickly is this going to show on you like a ton of bricks.

“Things have momentum and it has changed to worrying about your business you worry about your family-that’s the other thing, playing the second violin.

“You realize the seriousness of the and it life and death and not just running a business.

Matchroom Boxing shows promoted around the world

“It’s heartbreaking to see every movement by some of the sport will never recover, some businesses will never recover, but more importantly some people will never recover. When this problem everything stop everything else becomes insignificant.

“We will defeat this, we must do as we are told but will still have a future in this country, this movement and this economy.”

Creative survival

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic, have seen HOU to cancel a battle involving Sunderland, and the amount of Josh Kelly and also Newcastle light Lewis Ritson.

Matchroom have a major exhibit is planned for 2 October in Manchester(Dillian Whyte v Section-heavyweight), 9th in Cardiff(Lee Selby v George Kambosos Jr world of light and the elimination of the title)and 23 May in London(Oleksandr Usyk v Dereck Chisora heavyweight).

British heavyweight Dillian Whyte has yet to fight in 2020, is expected to be in action can

“Everything has been moving non-stop,”HOU. “When it(Cov)for the first time, we see running the show behind closed doors, we speak of the BBBofC they said the concern is the doctor not provided we may not be able to enter the hospital and it became a non-starter.

“We’re trying to build the TV shows, talkshows, but it becomes more serious, it becomes impossible.

“This is about creativity, produce new content that shows new and having to consider the idea of the work shows a behind-closed-door showing, once the coast is clear-probably before the occurrence of large areas to do.

“We must ensure that any fighter we have who is financial difficulties Yes, but we’re lucky, many combatants may have a monthly wage from us a sponsorship deal, or have earned enough money to be OK for four or five months.

“Those whereabouts of the scale is a big problem, because they don’t know when so you want to fight. This is a problem so deep, not just fighters start their careers, but also for the Darts member of the snooker players, football players, cricket players.

“With the situation with the government and statutory pay, the soldiers can not go to the government and get 80% of the wage, does not exist.”

Will Joshua fight Fury next?

Joshua is due to defend his World Championship against Library cloth pull Pulev November 20 in the Tottenham field, although Hearn has been said, it may be moved back to July, since Tottenham might be still in play the Super League game.

Asked whether, if the Pulev fight is cancelled, Joshua will fight against WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in the winter, Hearn replied:”right now our plan is to fight Pulev in June or July and then fight the anger or whatever is who has the WBC belt at the time.

“If the Pulev fight is not taken we can see this fight(the rage)occur later in the year.

“This is not an ideal of AJ punches on to have a full year to enter a fight like this, but I don’t think he will have a problem.”

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