Do an Empire is not a business

Entrepreneurship is all about thinking big. Why limit yourself?

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17 2020

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Do an Empire is not a business.

If you want to be eternal, you need to be flexible.

This is a matter of my thing is, if the situation needs to change business model or expansion, I don’t need to start from scratch. I know part of what is my business outsourcing services, media services, e-Commerce, to name just a few. We can be versatile to do what our customers need.

As an entrepreneur, you should not limit the target of a small mom-and-pop corner store, never growing beyond a single location. Think likes McDonald’s. McDonald’s and similar companies are almost every major city in the world.

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Market awareness is essential. It is vital to be constantly aware of the changes happening in your target market and the overall global business environment and move it, as the situation requires.

Here are tips to help you think big:

Globalization thinking

In your mind,your business should be global, not confined to one small location. When you think in global terms, you will get the idea and vision, so that it reaches that level.

In fact, your mind is as large(or narrow)as you do it. And with the current global online and offline, there is no reason why you should not believe in the global scope.

Rather than considering your storage in a small place, imagine you are the branch, in every city of the world.

Expand your service

Don’t limit a product or service. Amazon can sell books as well as farm production. Not a problem when it tried to enter the electric car or anything else. Elon can do Space Exploration, electric cars, and online payment processing. Why you should not have the same freedom?

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The Internet allows you to become many of the media and reach industry leaders far and wide. Why you should not use it? There is no reason not to take advantage of almost every social media platform.


Put awkward in a box and lock it. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant is your business, and not allow it to stop you put your message in front of global industry leaders.

Super amount

Your business presents itself should be flawless. If you can get your 100% customer happiness, so that they are 120% happy. If you can deliver 110% results, provide of 200%.

In the business to help customers

Let your customer’s success your only goal when providing a service or product. Ask yourself, what is it that my clients want to achieve. Then determine what you provide to do so, irrespective of the amount the customer paid, or whether the service provided is free.

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I believe in the power of prayer. Prayer, combined with hope and gratitude, you can make things happen, otherwise not. When I began to provide professional service, and I will pray the career will be a success. All of the time. A few years later, I see my customers satisfied with the service and we help many of them get employment in multinational companies—something that I never thought of the time.

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