Developers should pay attention to provide details

The games we play today fall into categories, genres. But whats the point of selling a game of "a certain" genre only for the players to find out its "multi genra". For example, no where in the Battlefield 1 does it mention it also has stealth missions. Now I absolutely hate stealth mission. No disrespect to anybody. Stealth missions seems like a complete waste of time and a way for the devs to make the game seem like it has longer story line, like in the old days when devs used to make a game considerably hard in order to compensate for its poor story line. Just my opinion. So i find it completely unfortunate that games like BF1 doesn't mention it has stealth missions, forcing players to uninstall the game halfway through. Is there any way not to be mislead like this? I don't wanna start a game and Uninstall it half way through coz the devs didn't care enough to let me know that it contains a genre that I absolutely hate!

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