‘Derry Girls’ did ‘Bake Off’. Here’s the 14 most hilarious (and disastrous) moments.

Bout you guys. This post contains tons of absolute class CRAIC, but you may find some minor damage in there. Read you of the danger.

In the words of Babes, the New Year’s day night, the two as one.

The two I am referring to is of course Delhi girl And The Great British Bake Off —A dynamic Duo like you’ve never seen before.

A special program cooked up 4 channels just in time for the New Year, Great Holiday Baking by 2020 Is gas words, our beloved Northern Ireland to the female students. This means that interesting, just for your reference.

The episode starring three of our Delhi girls—Saoirse-Monica Jackson(Erin), Nicola Coughlan(Clare), Jamie Lee O’donnell(Michelle)and Siobhán McSweeney(sister of Michael)and Dylan Llewellyn(James aka”The Little British lad”).

The CRAIC is in abundance, so it will be tough to fit all the hilarious moments to an article. But I’m going to give it a spin. Here are the 14 funny moments.

1. When Baking Master Noel Fielding three known, Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood dress up as a Delhi girl. To be fair, Noel makes a very convincing Michelle. Is Jamie Lee O’donnell described her twins on Instagram,”2 absolute rides!”

2. When Nicholas Coughlan made the worst Swiss roll we have ever seen. The third time was a charm for the mind.

3. When she re-did her Swiss roll sponge but accidentally burn it, rather than bake. You might say she baked it and destroyed it. Okay, I’ll stop.

4. When wee English dude cracked a rude joke. OOO err indeed.

5. When Siobhán McSweeney trying to convince people that her slimy trifle is traditional Irish.

6. When Siobhán tries to trick Paul into a Hollywood handshake.

7. When Jamie Lee pointed out that a snack is pointless and too small. “Only to get a full size of something.”

8. When Paul crept on Nicholas for when her cake yield up itself in a spectacular way.

9. When Jamie Lee on the wrong side of her stirrer.

10. When Saoirse broke her heart(shaped cake) to.

A Baking Tragedy, therefore it is.

11. When Siobhán ruin her memories of children’s holiday with her Cork Battenberg. Very, uuuh, creative.

12. When Jamie Lee’s tribute to Amelia Earhart encountered some turbulence. Note that the fondant hanging wing.

13. When Nicola had apologized to Liza Minnelli for this”tribute”to Cabaret.

14. When Dillon acted as judge of”raw dough”.

Still, at least Saoirse’showstopper card.

Grab yerselves, girls.

You can see Great holiday baking Starring actor Delhi girl In all four catch-up.

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