Dangerous bonus budget with James Hall hereby Hall

“Every game show has a prize budget,”said Bob Boden, the head of programming at Game Show Network worked on dozens of shows there and elsewhere, including Family Feud. “Usually, for a long-running show’s prize budget way to determine the average number has won in the past.” Large deviation from this average can strain these bonuses in the budget. “James’s performance, I’m sure, is causing grief to an accountant the place,”says Boden, who now perform in the production company Entertainment Studios.


The estimated expenditure is easier for some types of displays than others. “You know the winner Survivors Will give 1 million dollars, and you know what the second and third place players will get, and therefore the award budget is locked,”Borden said. Budget display, such as Dangerous Variable bonus difficulty of the project.

Some producers of protection for unpredictability, taking a insurance policy that covers an unusually large jackpots. It is common, Mr. Boden said that, for shows such as Who wants to be a millionaire?, Which is given the highest awards are rare, but real costly. But he said he will be very surprised if Dangerous, Which has a bonus structure is less prone to the extreme, such a policy. (On behalf of the Dangerous Sony TV pictures, which produced and did not respond to requests more detailed information showing the financial operation.)

DangerousAlthough, it should fare just now-Hall hereby Hall during the reign of two reasons. First, the award budget is generally not the game shows the biggest expenses. Borden said the bill to pay the production staff and air talent tend to be higher. (The salary of Alex Trebek, Dangerous‘s host has been reported for 10 million dollars a year.)

Second, the-Hall hereby Hall star of the show is to draw more audience. Typically, Borden said, it is not compelling as a single player running up the score”, but in such a case, where records set and broken every night, the excitement, I believe, more than the unbalanced results.”

Improvisation will almost certainly help to show the bottom line. Increased ratings often translate into more profitable advertising sales(although, Bo registered, this increase of the ad value is not immediately needed some time to kick in). Spikes popular, is also very good for any additional income stream of a show may have, such as sales or interactive game. More symbolic, Mr. Boden said, a thrilling player like Hall hereby Hall can further enhance the reputation of a long-running game show like DangerousConsolidate its position in the canon of American television.

Jennings is extremely valuable Dangerous In this regard, but with an average bonus of about $ 34,000 a event, he is a bargain compared to the-Hall hereby Hall, who is average about $ 71,000. In fact, if the report in Scott Baker’s salary is indeed correct,-Hall hereby Hall is currently outearning even the display on the machine each set of basis–but, of course, he has a bit less job security.

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