Dahmakan, Malaysia”full-stack”food delivery, raises $ 18 million Series B.

Dahmakan, a full stack of food delivery startup based in Malaysia, announced today that it has closed a $ 18 million Series B. Investors include Lotte Capital, White Star Capital, set rich Asia and GEC-Kip Fund with the participation of the South Korean food delivery app Woowa Brothers, and returns to investors Partech partners and Y Combinator.

This brings Dahmakan of the total funding amounted to about $ 28 million dollars. Its previous round of funding was announced last May.

Launched by the former head of the from FoodPanda,Dahmakan is the first in Malaysia to start participating in the Y Combinator startup accelerator program. Operational costs for the food distribution company is notoriously high, and eaten their profitability, but Dahmakan is one of several start-UPS, using the”cloud”of the kitchen, closer to the customer, in order to reduce delivery costs.

The Foundation starts the full-stack platform is an operating system, which controls almost every step of its operations, from development to the last mile of delivery, and cloud the part of the kitchen”satellite”hub is placed in a different city may be closer to the customers.

Instead of offers from restaurants, Dahmakan create their own meals, provided about 40 options per week from a database of more than 2000 dishes. It chooses its weekly menu is based on customer data, including food preferences and consumption habits, as the market research.

Customers are then given a menu and pick a schedule of delivery time. Other startups trying to make food delivery more effectively in Southeast Asia by using a vertical integration model and a cloud of kitchen, including food, s supported by investment, including open space resources, food first and Singha enterprises.

In a statement to the Press on Dahmakan the capital, White Star Capital managing partner Eric Martineau-Fortin said,”Dahmakan is located to service the growing demand for food delivery service in Southeast Asia for its unique, technical method of taking control of the entire value chain to provide affordable delivery options Sea Rose of the middle class.”

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