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While thousands of Brits waiting for their government to relax restrictions in the summer to travel abroad, a person has been in a foreign country anyway: Stanley Johnson, father of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Mr. Johnson, age 79, posted pictures on social media of his arrival in Greece, a country that currently can prevent vacationers flying direct from the UK, it has the world’s fifth highest number of virus cases, according to a database.

The line, apparently by Bulgaria, in violation of formal UK Government guidance, and urged the United Kingdom to less than go abroad, unless they have to, and at a time when those returning to the UK, must be quarantine for 14 days.

Announced a relaxation of these rules has been expected Thursday, but was postponed because the government in its efforts to finalize its plan to allow the British back several dozen countries without quarantine.

Speaking from Greece, Stanley Johnson told The Daily Mail that he had travelled to Greece through the Bulgarian capital Sofia, and is in a foreign country”the basic business trying to Covid-proof my property in the upcoming season.”

This is not the first time Mr. Johnson ignored the official advice, his son or his government on how to control the epidemic. In March, the then Prime Minister, urged the UK not to visit the bar before the embargo came into effect, Stanley Johnson said he will go anyway, if he felt the need.

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