‘Cops’ has been canceled at the Paramount Network

Looks like someone did some re-assessment.

Last Tuesday, the most important network announced that it will no longer produce Police An hour and a half of reality, the need for camera crews in police ride-alongs and surveys.

The message came after the killing of Floyd George by Minneapolis Police May 25. The former officer Derek Shaw, he has been charged with second-degree murder, kneeling on Freud’s neck for nearly nine minutes as Freud repeatedly said he could not breathe. Freud was 46.

PoliceThis for the first time on Fox in 1989, ran a total of 31 years ago to cancel, so that it becomes long-term reality of the program. At the national protest against police brutality and systemic racism, the most important network of the program from its schedule last week as A&E has similar steps The scene of the police

Police Is not the most important of the network, we do not have any current or future plans to return,”said a spokesman, each The Hollywood Reporter. Police Have been part of the vital network since 2013.

Familiar with the matter told The Hollywood Reporter And deadlines The network has a pre-existing plan, from the development of programming. However, Police Has plans to launch the first episode of Season 33 on Monday. Reality shows Ink Master, Bar Rescue, the Battle of survival of the fittest couples And more remain crucial.

Police Has been repeatedly criticized for the error of the glory of police work, as well as alleged against poor people of color, abuse individual is arrested, the transition of the scene of the crime, and provided the camera crew with weapons in case the use of violence arrests. Surveillance video Police Has been recognized, in a plurality of the defense of the case to argue around the Affairs of the police misconduct. In 2014, Police Audio technician Bryce Dion and suspect Cortez Washington was shot and killed by staff during the filming of a robbery at an Omaha Wendy’s.

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