Chinese officials claim that we create the Cov does not violate the rules of Twitter

TWhitney does not prohibit the Communist Party of China officials and diplomats to spread lies about the source of the new coronavirus.

Beijing has been engaged in a war of words with the United States, claiming that the COVID-19 the outbreak, which is widely believed to have originated in China, rather than starting with the United States Army.

As Chinese officials took their allegations on Twitter, the two Republican lawmakers, as well. Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Mike of the Republic of Gallagher Wisconsin, wrote to Twitter CEO Jesse last week, demanding the suspension of the accounts of”waging a massive propaganda campaign to rewrite the history of the COVID-19 and whitewash the party’s lies to the Chinese people and the world.”

A company representative refused to provide the Washington Examiner In the recording explanation not to take action, but pointed out that a 2019 Blog An overview of the rules about world leaders using social media sites.

“Currently, the direct interaction with other public figures, commenting on the political issues of the day, or the foreign policy of sword-rattling about economic or military issues generally do not violate the Twitter rules,”the Twitter post States.

Twitter guidelines further note that”when it comes to the operation of world leaders on Twitter, We recognize that this is largely new and unprecedented”, and said,”We understand the desire our decision to’Yes/no’execute the file, but it is not so simple.”

Chinese Ambassador to South Africa Lin Songtian Tweeted Last week,”more evidence that the virus is not originated in the seafood market in Wuhan at all.” He references a network name An official letter Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Jian, who share an article accusing the coronavirus in a U.S. military laboratory. “Please read and retweet it. COVID-19: further evidence that the virus originated from the United States,”he said.

Zhao said in another Tweet That”disease prevention and Control Center was captured on the spot. As Patient Zero starts in the United States? How many people are infected? What is the name of the hospital? This could be our military people bring to the epidemic, Wuhan. Is transparent! To make public the data! The United States owes us an explanation!”

There are limits to what world leaders can tweet.

Twitter for 2019 Post said, they are”not on our policy completely”and the promotion of terrorism is a direct threat of violence against the person, publish the private messages, share private photos, sexual exploitation, and encourages self-harm can get world leaders is prohibited.

The guidelines state that”in other cases involving a world leader, we will be the wrong side of the Left content if there is a clear public interest to do so.”

There is record of evidence that China is trying to conceal the existence and spread of the coronavirus in the silence of the doctor and Whistleblower, to mislead the World Health Organization, and trying to remain independent of the health of the expert survey in Wuhan.

Who signed the COVID-19 virus first appeared in Wuhan, in Hubei province in China. Who the investigation report in February concluded that”early cases to determine in Wuhan is considered to have infection from one animal were suffering source…in the South China Sea Fresh wholesale market.”

The Chinese Ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai, who previously said it was”crazy”that the CoV is an American bioweapon, stood by that assessment in an interview Love trusted On HBO this weekend.

“I’m here on behalf of my country and my government. Not any particular individual,”he said,”I have no responsibility to explain everyone’s comments to you.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chun Tweeted Last week, the coronavirus does not originated in China and potential the outbreak began in the United States in recent days, The state of Xinhua News Agency, Chinese Embassy to France Official accountCalled COVID-19 epidemic as”Trumpandemic.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insists on called the disease of”Wu coronavirus”and Trump have repeatedly said”poisoning”on the Twitter And in White House press briefings. Critics argue that the term is racist and xenophobic, although dozens of media and news programs repeatedly mentioned COVID-19 virus certain variants of the”Cov”or”Wu-Cov”for a few weeks.

Twitter is officially blocked in China, although its leaders to use its power. Last year, Twitter closed 200 000 celebrity account, it is considered part of China’s spread false message and coordinated action, the Hong Kong protests.

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