Big Sur: the most interesting mac os test in a generation

Apple mac os11 Big Sur is the most exciting Mac Test generation, because of the steady introduction of support for Apple silicon device early testing may encounter unexpected challenges, as development accelerated.

Friends don’t let friends install a test version of the primary Mac

This is also why no one should install or developer or public beta(when it appears)the new Mac OS on their host–this is the risk every year, and this year you can achieve even more than the usual surprises.

Apple is working through the beta cycle. For this reason, it is almost certain we will see a new version of the development and any subsequent disclosure of the test(if any), they will appear. (Public betas are usually the same in front of the development and testing stage, with any determination of the wrinkles removed.)

The bottom line is the same–no one should ever install beta software on their main system, especially if their income depends on the system.

So why might this year’s Test series resulting in a new challenge?

It’s all about the Apple silicon

Apple made developer transition kit Mac running Apple silicon can be used to develop, but most people will be able to run the latest Mac test on Intel-based free and PA

The fact is, under the hood of these systems also support the implementation of Apple silicon, which may cause additional complexity. But, like anyone who has ever engaged in even the most simple home decorating project knows that each task always reveals an unexpected challenge for the local route.

Sometimes, things get broken. Things may get broken during the Big Sur test cycle–which is why it should not be installed in a main Mac.

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