Apple believes that the chances it will fully re-open by 2020 aspiration: report

The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York on 22 May 2020.

The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York on 22 May 2020.
Photo: Timothy A. Clary/AFP (Getty Images)

More than 90 Apple 271 base across the United States Off again Due to the The new coronavirus epidemicThe company is required to retail staff can’t show a physical location rather than to work at home, according to a On Monday a report in Bloomberg. Apple reportedly is also desirable, it was planned Quickly return Of their workforce the main office is no longer viable, and these remote work should plan to do so until 2021.

Deirdre O’brien, Apple’s senior Vice President and retail people, told workers in a video over the weekend,”if your store is closed, Please log on to retail at home,”according to Bloomberg. She added,”…Please talk to your Manager, because we really need to make sure that we converted our team to meet our customers at this time. We may need to work remotely for a period of time.”

O’brien said in the video, the”significant wait time”has become a problem, due to the closure,”people are really dependent on their devices, especially now.” Switch to the online character means that retail workers will help promote online sales and customer service requests from home, away from their normal work locations.

Workers still left in the store will receive lanyards that can be customized Memoji—Apple’s 3D avatar system as a substitute for face-covered masks, according to Bloomberg.

In April And But reportedly weighing a more rapid return to their evacuation of the offices in competing companies like Facebook And GoogleAre stating that they intend to allow customers to work from home for the long haul—Apple’s plan to return the worker can not perform their work effectively from the home to the important position, start date, and begin to bring staff in large numbers, worldwide in July.

It turned out to be a bad gamble: the epidemic situation has seriously deteriorated since then, in terms of the absolute amounts of the caseThe New York Times report, the average More than 58,000 cases It has been confirmed every day in the last week and nearly 3. 4 million cases have been Confirmed in the nationwide total. In California, one of the many countries, The botched plan Re-open closed companies, The pandemic is now threatening Overwhelm the hospital And Governor Gavin Newsom has been Ordered to return The re-opening process. Apple is headquartered in Cupertino in Santa Clara County, this is an area in California Many companies are expected to Off again Last week three.

According to Bloomberg, Apple told staff in a memo, it is unlikely that there will be a full return to the office by the end of 2020, although some workers are unable to work remotely, such as hardware developers may still be cleared to return under the rules”clearly limit the total usage.”

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