Amazing NASA image shows the Rosetta Nebula, the birth of stars

NASA released a stunning image of the Rosetta Nebula last week four.

Colorful images capture the Herschel Space Observatory shows the dust cloud stellar nursery, which is approximately 5000 light years from Earth. The Nebula is located in the qilin, or unicorn, constellation.

The bright smudges in the image of the dusty cocoons containing massive embryonic stars, according to a statement from NASA, they will grow to 10 times the mass of the sun.

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NASA released the above image last week four.

NASA released the above image last week four.
(ESA and the PACS, Spire&HSC consortia,F. Motte(mesh Thackeray, CEA/IRFU-CNRS/Committee members-U. ParisDidedrot)for the HOBYS key program.)

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The space Agency said of the small spots near the center of the image is a low-mass stellar embryos.

The nebula itself is located on the right side of the screen, with its own large-scale cluster of stars.

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