After losing Grubhub, Uber is allegedly to Postmates–in.

Super As reported, offered to buy the food delivery service Postmates, according to the New York Times.

According to the present, the talks are still ongoing, and deal may fall through.

For those who have noticed that Uber, the appetite is not new, although to be consistent. A few months ago, called the car company is reportedly pursuing an acquisition of the Grubhub, Another food delivery company. Grubhub Eventually get through the Just Eat takeaway a 73 million dollar deal, but only in dealing with Uber fell, by a variety of concerns.

The food delivery market to benefit a large extent from COVID-19 epidemics, such as shops remain closed or to convert the operation other than to sell only. The latest revenue from the public called the car company showed that its taxi business slows, while its food delivery service more and more like hell. Gross booking Uber eat the last quarter to $ 4. 68 billion dollars.

Therefore, even if the Super is still losing a large sum of money($2.94 billion US dollars, including all fees), which is Uber eat the growth is amazing. And green sprouts can contribute these interests in other competitors.

Sources near super-informed. The regulatory issues undermine the company’s competitive GrubHub, but the CEO later said JustEat deal better.

If the regulatory problem is a problem, Postmates You can do a better fit.

With a valuation of $ 2.4 billion, Postmates is significantly less than Grubhub. Although the company filed to go public nearly 16 months ago, it held a final citing a”choppy market”conditions.

So if Super eat And Postmates combined, the result will still be less than Doordash of the market held, but the competition though. DoorDash, and finally, the value of 13 billion dollars, the confidentiality of the application for initial public offering nearly four months ago.

In addition, Postmates offers more than food.

If the merger was through, the food delivery game will be refueled in a fun way: super eat And Postmates and Grubhub and external selling DoorDash .

Postmates declined to comment on rumors or speculation. Super did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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