ACE received the lie of the year’from the actually check out whistleblower’s claim

FLaw checkpoints PolitiFact gave the President the king of its 2019″lie of the Year”distinction for reports of complaints, triggered his impeachment”is almost completely wrong.”

The complaint accused the ACE of misconduct the period of one month 25 words with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. Whistleblowers, on the grounds that other people hear the call, claiming that Pratt asked Zelensky investigate political opponents Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

It also noted that the ACE requirements to investigate the origin of the 2016 hack of the Democratic National Committee. The complaint said that ACE”seeking to pressure Ukraine’s leaders to take action to help the President to the 2020 re-election bid,”charged that the President has strongly denied.

In October, a piece King wrote,”the first of the so-called second-hand information, the’whistleblower’has my telephone conversation, and almost completely wrong, so now the word is they want to go to the bench and another’Telltale’is from the deep country, there is a second hand information. Damn sneaky Shung. Keep them coming!”

According to PolitiFact, since the release of the complaint, Trump’s special report the account as inaccurate in various ways 80 times.

“Despite what Trump’s claim, the whistleblower got the call’is almost completely right,”the managing editor Katie Sanders wrote.

“We know this from the very recording of the call of the President released. We know from sworn testimony from career diplomats and other officials,”she continued. “With the President and his allies have told reporters that the strong do what whistleblower proposal urged the President of Ukraine surveys the political opponent of Joe Biden. Their argument is that there is no inappropriate or unreasonable. ACE. 3 asked China to check on Biden and his son Hunter.”

This distinction only time of the year, PolitiFact calls out”lies”, because, according to Sanders,”the use of language to a lie, the proof is real results and become redundant in a virtual activity to the detriment of an accurate narrative.”


A complaint by a whistleblower, who is being accused is 33-year-old CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella, the impeachment investigation and is expected to vote to impeach this week.

Ciaramella is the General Director of Ukrainian off the National Security Council during the end of the Obama administration and stayed there during the first few months of the ACE Executive when he was briefly the role of senior Director of European and Russian Affairs. He is now a Deputy national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia on the National Intelligence Council, reports to the Director-General of National Intelligence.

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