A pair of twin YouTubers offer a lesson in openness

The impact of the coronavirus on people of color may be worse than we thought, a long overdue apology from pediatricians, a lesson in inclusion from a pair of YouTubers, and it turns out that the big companies who posted solidarity statements after George Floyd are lagging behind in representation.

But first, raceAhead readers respond to the 2020 Democratic National Convention, in Haiku.

Michelle put it down
Biden then picked it back up.
We all need to vote.

Roses are red, some 
Nikes are blue, we all must 
vote! That means you too.

The “Second” Lady?
Ha! She graded papers and served.
Let her be First now.

The roll call was great!
One stood apart from the rest:
The Biggest Little

Vote for me, vote for
you, vote for us. Fix the past:
A better future.

Bonus haiku on the resilience of nature:

Wolverines are back
Stalking prey on Mount Rainier
Good news amid bad

Thanks to Kevin Bethune, Mike Spinney, Anjuan Simmons, Robert Caruso and others for contributing to the haikus.

Vote to take care of yourself this weekend.

Ellen McGirt
[email protected]

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