A Democrat, Sanders rip ACE on the economy, with the National Alliance for the reply

Democrats on Tuesday night to provide a stern condemnation of the President Trump the state Union address, slamming the President on the issue–from the economy and health care to gun control and climate change.

In the context of the approaching General election in November, and Trump’s recent impeachment in the House–Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer drew a sharp contrast to Trump’s vision to make the United States and the Democrats in her party’s official response to the President’s address.

“No matter what the President says about the stock market,”Whitmer said in her speech from the East Lansing High School. “What matters is that millions of people struggle to get by, or do not have enough money at the end of the month after paying for shipping, student loans, or prescription drugs.”

The king in the offensive against socialism

The Democrats selected the Whitmer stressed their determination to improve its performance in the Midwestern United States in the November elections. ACE to win enough working class white voters where also slender victories in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and won Ohio handily.

Whitmer added:”American workers are hurt. In my own country. Our neighbors in Wisconsin. And Ohio. And Pennsylvania. All over the country. Wages remain stagnant, while CEO pay has significant growth.”

Democrats won House control in 2018, by Broadside unsuccessful efforts by the popularity of congressional Republicans to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law. Democrats say they will focus on health care, in this year’s activities, including opposition to the government in support of the Federal lawsuit aimed at declaring President Barack Obama’s Statute unconstitutional.

“This is very simple. The Democrats are trying to make your health care better. The Republican Party of Washington, in an attempt to take it away,”Whitmer said.

King to capture the state of Michigan in 2016 by less than 11 000 voters by appealing to lower-income workers, won a national No vote of the GOP presidential candidate since 1988.

The King rebuked PELOSI at the state of the Union, not to hold her hand

Of the Republic of Veronica Escobar, D-Texas, endorsed Whitmer’s criticism about the President’s economic policies, the other touted in his address.

“The President Trump the economic policies that have created the inequality is creating two Americas: one of the richest 1% of interest, one leaves too many farmers, businesses and working families behind,”Escobar said, in her speech from El Paso, Texas.

She added:”at the same time, rather than invest in the future of our children, and in the opportunity, the President has exploded the debt more than $ 3 trillion–all to the billions of dollars of tax cuts for the wealthiest few.”

Escobar also highlighted trump card of the government’s tough immigration policy, and references to the mass shooting last summer in her hometown of El Paso, where the shooter specifically targeted Latinos.

“Just before the[gun]began his killing spree, he posted his views on the network and using hate language like the words used by the President of the ACE to describe the immigrants and Latinos,”Escobar said.

Escobar also mentioned in Trump’s impeachment, he said, he will be subject to the damage of the next election, and a threat to national security and his efforts to pressure Ukraine, an ally of the fighting Russian-backed rebels, a devastating information for the political opponent of Joe Biden.

“We Democrats will continue to fight for the truth and why it is correct. No one is above the law,”Escobar said.

With the official Democratic response, and. Bernard Sanders of Vermont gave his own response to Trump’s address from New Hampshire.

Speaking only a day after the Iowa Caucus, and with the results or drops in the year 2020 presidential candidate slams Trump policy in what he said, he hoped that the Chairman of”the last state of the Union address.”

Sanders spent most of his speech criticizing Trump’s improve about the economy and argued that the White House’s current policies only benefit the richest Americans.

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Chairman of the Wang told the American people the economy today is booming as it never boomed before,”Sanders said. “To the king and his billionaire friends, he was right. The economy is really booming.”

Sanders added:”We now have more income and wealth inequality now than any time in the past 100 years…this is what Trump really meant when he talked about a booming economy.”

Sanders also pulled Wang not mentioned mentioned climate change or gun violence in his State Union speech.

“In 2020, How can a U.S. President gave a state of the Union speech, and not to mention climate change,”Sanders said. “The leading scientists in the world tell us that climate change is the cause of existential threat facing humanity.”

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