6 people, share the lessons, they will continue to live in isolation end

I enter this, Austin officially extended its stay-at-home order, until June 15th, I’m at 80 days of quarantine. When I want to go back to”normal life,”I realized that so much will change. Personally, I don’t want to go back to life just as it was before. For me, this is a General over-consumption of(some of the stuff, Media, Food, Wine, even exercise time)and a big grab and is overproductive to feed that part of their added value busy.

As I consider the changes I’ve made over the past few months, I want to go to the next stage, slowing down to feel the top of the head. Here are a few things happening, when I slow down:

  • I got clarity on what I really want to do
  • I’m not too anxious
  • I can clearly Express my thoughts, and think of the bigger picture
  • I’m not too impulsive all
  • My body movement more intentional.
  • I’m a good listener

Now, I have been in this country slow down, it is difficult to imagine returning to a more frantic lifestyle. Of course, on the outside it looks like I get so much done, but on the inside I never feel like I can continue, and some part of my life is always affected.

I asked a few friends:”what is one thing you will bring into your life after the quarantine over?” Their answers remind us that we all feel better when we take care of ourselves and connecting with others in a meaningful way to the necessities of life.

Read about why they have to say…

Featured photo: Rudy Arocha is Austin women’s magazine

Photo: Rudy Arocha is Austin women’s magazine

After that, more and more pressure to make these last couple of months the most productive time of my life, or is set to a rhythm of apathy, I embarked on the development of several habits, I’ve been longing for. For me it has been creating my dream schedule and rhythm, not on what is”world conditions”or”work”, often decision, including the 5 a.m. Wake-up call time for prayer and tea, morning workout, and end of my workday, about 1 or 2 p.m.

But the most instructive practice has In the evening walking. It seems to be basic and perhaps mundane, but it has come to represent all of the things I have not usually created a space for: Slow –I’ve never considered in the past the idea of walking in my neighborhood, because I don’t have time(of course, I can go to a planned 3 mile run, but not a temporary walking), the Without purpose –Learning the art of Wandering has real value.

As a very plan and the plans of the people, the opportunity just Walk Taught me so much. Space to think beyond my list, listen to the point listen to my neighbors, and listen to God has to be beautiful. I also found parts of my neighborhood I usually don’t get to see on my running route, waving and talking to neighbors usually I can’t follow my car window, I have found a joy and peace from really having time to just be.

Photo: Christine Kiel Pat

What I found is that in this epidemic, I say”Yes”to too many things. Of course I want to see my friends, going to meetings, having dinner together in a restaurant, etc., but I’m also really enjoying this time at home. So I want to take this carefully into consideration moving forward Be more selective of how I spend my time!

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I found the time to create more meals at home, and make more time to spend growing and harvesting our own food. We have so much family dinner time around the dining table. In the meantime, we eat healthier food, while Appreciate the time and effort, it is the dining table. We turned off our phones and focus on the parties, and discuss how we have spent our days. This is an amazing opportunity to reconnect with each other through our favorites. I’m glad to continue to do so.

This pause time has forced me to take off my athlete’s foot body and Slow down. Usually we have to go a thousand miles per hour, not taking the time to observe the world around us and most importantly the people around us. Extra time in the morning, I wandered through part of downtown Houston, I haven’t in the past. In one of my run, I noticed a group of people homeless. As I walked home, I do I often stop to buy some food from the local shops. This time, I had to ask myself,”Why Are you able to bring your own healthy snacks every day, and these people you see in your daily run can’t you?” This question put me together and eat package for them. This is a very small thing, but I’m grateful to be in a position to give and with those who have more strictly than I do.

The conversation I have in these exchanges has humbled me and re-freshened my perspective on the meaning of life. This small act of giving something I will continue to do so after the isolation, because everyone should enjoy a healthy food.

Photo: Christine Kiel Pat

Our scones last week five! It really is one of my favorite new sensor thanks Groundhog Day effect Phytophthora has been in the US for the first few weeks in the house together. The kids suggested that we start celebrating a”fake birthday on Friday”, which is basically just a chance to celebrate once a week with a homemade something delicious the kids and I together, so that a new person got to pick the cupcake flavor each week. We gave up birthday after a period of time, but the cakes are the traditional life! It is so fun to look forward to, and I always will and not a family to enjoy homemade things than store-bought. Plus it is giving me an opportunity to expand my cake baking repertoire, because to achieve this perfect combination of intensive moisture and tender crumb is an art form. And let’s be honest, not even the delicious(especially the coffee the next day.)

Photo: Christina Fisher

Michelle family, Senior Content Strategist at Everlywell

I work out every day. A pretty average change, I know. But when you’ve spent years sitting on the couch instead of participating in the course, which is a big problem. A big motivation is my autoimmune disease, if not sure my body is strong enough to combat a virus, so many unknowns. I began to work little by little in my living room, and I can’t imagine the physical and mental transition, which occurred a few months later. I’m thankful I decided to leave my couch (Even though I hated it at first) Priority to my body. Taking care of yourself feels good, so there is no way I stop now.

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