14 Food Processor Recipes for Every Occasion and Skill Level

I have a confession to make: up until recently, I was afraid of my food processor. I actually never sought one out but when one of my dear friends got engaged and was gifted a new one, he offered me his old machine. Despite being a pretty proficient cook, I was incredibly intimidated by it. So it sat unused in my kitchen for the better part of a year. Turns out, there’s nothing like a few months of quarantine boredom to inspire experimenting with even the scariest of appliances. So I climbed up to my kitchen’s highest shelf and plucked it down, then set out to find the best food processor recipes on the internet.

So why splurge on a food processor if you already have a blender?

In general, a blender simply isn’t as precise as a food processor. Blenders are great for foods that will end up as mostly liquid, like smoothies and soups—they mash indiscriminately. A food processor however is better for foods that will end up mostly solid, or conversely, pastes and finely pureed sauces. The rigid and ultra-sharp blades of a food processor allow them to slice through thicker and harder foods.

As it happens, some of my favorite foods involve using a food processor. Getting a feel for this handy kitchen tool has been incredibly liberating and opens up the door to all kinds of recipes. Need to make a pie crust? The food processor makes it a cinch. Want to whip up a pesto for your pasta dinner? You’ll want to get that food processor out, STAT! There is no end to the amount of food processor recipes available online, so whatever your preferences you’ll be able to find one that suits your fancy.

All of these recipes are as simple and straightforward as they are delicious, so if you’re put off by the thought of using the food processor, dip your toes in with this selection. Ahead, take a look at our top 14 food processor recipes along with some of our favorite food processors!

There’s just something extra special about homemade hummus. It’s richer, fresher, creamier, and just feels like a more elevated version of your average supermarket find. It’s worth the extra effort.

These absolutely tantalizing cookies are to die for. Made with condensed milk, pecans, and rolled in sprinkles, these are not your average slice and bake cookies. You can’t go wrong with this flavorful and buttery dessert.

Come for the falafel and stay for the green tahini special sauce. You’ll whip these delicious delectable falafel melts in no time thanks to your handy food processor.

One of our favorite food processor recipes has to be Camille’s carrot turmeric hummus. Aside from the fact that turmeric is chock-full of health benefits, this hummus is a bright, unexpected take on a classic.

Can’t you practically feel the fluffy powdered sugar flying off these decadent lemon bars with every bite? Add these cuties to your dessert repertoire for a sweet, tangy, and delicious option.

Once you have a jar of harissa paste in your fridge, you’ll find yourself adding it to just about everything. Eggs, sandwiches, pasta sauce, and more all benefit from this North African spicy red sauce.

Give this food processor recipe a try next time you pick up some asparagus from your local market. It may feel decadent, but it’s healthy, light, and incredibly tasty.

The secret to these sweet sandwich cookies is in the freeze-dried strawberries. Give them whirl in the ol’ food processor and watch how it punches up the flavor. They’re almost too good to be true.

Why buy expensive fruit and nut bars when you can make one yourself? It’s a delicious and fresh take on a classic healthy snack. The pistachio and hazelnut flavors elevate the experience, and they couldn’t be easier to throw together.

Beets are nature’s candy and you’ll never be able to convince me otherwise. How is something pulled from dirt allowed to taste so good? This beet hummus takes everything that makes beet special and transforms it into a delicious dip that goes well with everything from veggies to your fave cracker.

Don’t you just love a summer tart? Kumara (otherwise known as sweet potato) and chicken make this savory tart a gorgeous melty and rich meal.

Craving a mashed potato but want a low-carb alternative? This mashed cauliflower food processor recipe gives you that smooth, creamy texture and delicious flavor your heart desires.

For those of us who aren’t a huge fan of doing the dishes, it doesn’t get much better than one-bowl recipes—my kingdom for a dishwasher! These muffins are warm, cozy, delicious, and easy to make for breakfast or a snack.

These chicken meatballs are melt-in-your-mouth savory and delicious, but the real star of this dish is the roasted red pepper whipped feta. All credit goes to the trusty food processor here. You’ll find yourself making double batches so you can always have this tasty spread on hand.

Check out our five favorite food processors below:

It doesn’t get more convenient than this easy-to-use food processor. It’s a great option for the uninitiated since it’s fairly small and a breeze to clean and store.

At a slightly larger size, this bowl features exterior measurement lines and has three speed settings: high, low, and pulse. Best of all, it’s dishwasher safe.

Made with BPA-free plastic, metal, and rubber, this food processor comes with a feed chute lid and pusher, quad chopping blade, dough blade, crinkle-cut disc, grating disk, and more! It’s the Beyoncé of food processors.

If you’ve already got a Vitamix in your home then all you have to do is pop this beauty on for some food processing action. Couldn’t be more convenient.

This super accessible food processor holds a whopping 10 cups of food, so you’ll be able to make as many batches of strawberry sandwich cookies as your heart desires.

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