10 Scary Stories to Ensure You Never Sleep Again

Clear your schedule, horror lovers, because the first round of Jezebel’s 2020 scary story contest winners are here! You may need to take a personal day after reading these tales of Ouija boards, paranormal activities, spooky cars, and haunted visitors and their knives. I’m never going to sleep again and now you won’t, either.

This year’s entries were interesting—though it is the Halloween season, many of you chose to enter heartwarming tales of how a friendly ghost brought your family back together, and while I personally love Casper, we’re in the business of terror here at Jezebel.

That said, prepare yourselves for the fear that awaits you below—and remember, round two arrives Tuesday.

Happy haunting!

Untitled by Toni

Untitled by CatPopTarts

Untitled by fivelgoeswest

Untitled by kinbari

Untitled by Classy Drunk

Old Gray Thing by CHIEF QUEEF

Untitled by Chance


The Red House by Oneuponalittlelane21855

Untitled by wvwondergrrl

Untitled by Parasite Eve

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