10 filling smoothie recipes to keep you going, until Luch

When it comes to Breakfast, smoothies are hard to beat. What else packs so much nutritional value into such a convenient(commuter friendly!) Package? That is to say, some filled smoothie recipes up your sleeve is the key, if you want to pour the liquid route Breakfast.

Because no one likes to fight, it is-10-am and-I’m-hungry recession.

Thankfully, we have scoured the Internet and our own archives to track the 10 best super filling smoothie recipes. There is a thought in here of each mood from The Shape of the Green is tangy, tropical and creamy decadence and each is equipped with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to make it until lunch. The real beauty is that these recipes can be customized to your heart’s content. So throw in an extra handful of spinach or some collagen powder to go wild. You may only get inspired, the master smoothie bowl brunch.

Image by Claire huntsberger

Vegan beaming banana berry detox smoothie from Fowler

Protein Packed cookies and stress Ling smoothie from Camille Styles

Tropical Swifts oatmeal smoothie from the Fitchen

Banana, coconut, cocoa soy smoothie from Camille Styles

Green Machine smoothie snowflake Garden in the kitchen

Vanilla Fig smoothie with cinnamon cream from Camille Styles

Pomegranate berry smoothie from Kitchen Confidante

Peach, Kale and coconut water from Camille Styles

Blueberry spinach Breakfast smoothie

Detox green smoothie seed from the allies of the cooking

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