Your lucky star shining bright in the treasure house on the Xbox

Why, Hello, Trovian! Is me, Qubesly!

I came the good news: San Qubeslick day
Back, with your luck is on the rise. To test your fortune in six
A new adventure that will have you jumping for joy in the reward.

Prove your courage to clear out the infestation
The darkness lurking in all of these all in the dungeon Treasure troveAnd you can
Just find the loot, they provided has proven to be an additional godsend.

Not only that, but in a serendipitous twist
Event, you can make your own luck! Grow lucky Shamrocks made magic
Occur, because you will need all the luck you can get to make you lucky
The stars have more luck-is not enough, it will RUB off on your friends because you
Adventure through together.

As your garden grows so your wealth
It shows adorn themselves in the latest San Qubeslick fashion
The unique Clover collection in storage.

So, you see:the goddess of fortune of the most bright smile
Left to you, the Trovian. To put down treasure trove of steeped in it!


Treasure trove

Trion Worlds Inc.

Four hundred eighty three

Treasure trove–Green is now live!

Gardening is now bigger and better than ever. With the new process, the new plant is harvested, and new food to eat…it’s time to dig!

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