You can Apple Mac affinity of their killer shows this week

Photo: Jeff Zhao (AP)

Apple is expected from Beast Machines, The Mac Pro and its corresponding badass new display, the display XDR will be provided to the December 10, every promotional company by e-mail sent to the customer.

Discovered by Twitter user Marques of……, the The notice did not provide any other details on how Apple plans to launch its high-tech hardware, but Apple’s seriously a message of dialogue, because its Mac affinity Pro display XDR will be”ready”on that date, namely the delivery time(especially for any so-called Cheese planing With custom configuration)is not included.

Mac affinity Pro display XDR formal Announced in June Worldwide Developers Conference(Worldwide Developers Conference), but fans are already chomping in the bit to a re-design of Apple’s ancient, by technology standards, at least, to the 2013 Mac Pro for many years. The company is promising a new and improved model is on the horizon The last one Two years Only further fanned the flames.

Of course, Apple’s most powerful gear to an equally high price, though whether they are actually worth it Another problem entirely. 32 inch Pro display XDR start at $ 5,000, and it Controversial And sold separately the Pro stand(literally stand, if you can’t tell by the name), which lets you tilt and rotate your screen, in a Grand. As the Mac Pro models start at $ 6,000, it is equipped with eight-core strong processor, graphics card Pro 580,16GB memory, and a measly 256GB of storage.

More details on its specifications and design, We break it all down here.

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