Yes, you’ll be able to watch the Super Bowl on your Roku

Shortly after Roku warned its customers, the Fox channel will stop streaming right before the Super Bowl Liv, an update Protocol to keep processing this between the two companies will be. What this means for Roku users is that the Super Bowl will once again flow.

Roku tweeted the update on Friday night:

Roku like Apple TV, so that the user can use a wired or stream order into their favorite platform, through the application equipment. Not all TV stations have a live viewing option, but Fox has been for many years, is a reliable streamer on the day of Super Bowl Sunday.

Mashable confirmed previously, Roku suddenly announced loses Fox channels the result is a rights dispute, so the good news is, it seems to have been resolved(despite some strong language)at least long enough for the long and 49 are Duke University on the national stage.

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