Yes, you can now run Windows in Big Sur

Parallels introduced the latest version of Parallels Desktop, IT solutions, can let you run Windows and Linux virtual machines on Mac, including the mac os11 day, Big Sur. There is no message also the Apple silicon support, however.

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Apple uses a similar desktop running Linux in Big Sur the Mac when it was announced that the new operating system at the Worldwide Developers Conference access to the Internet. A stray Dock icon advice, support Windows–at least in the Intel-based Mac–will follow. Now it has arrived: similar to the desktop lets you run Windows and Linux.

The company refused to disclose any information about the fate of the Parallels Desktop Support for Apple silicon Mac, but didn’t point to a significant investment has been made to make, in order to support the Big Sur.

One of the major changes in Big Sur is the removal of support for third-party kernel extensions(kexts), which is what the similarities rely on it to emulate. If you give up this extension in the Mac, the company has invested a lot of energy to replace them with its Mac virtualization code.

“The resemblance has invested more than 25 man-years of programming engineers to take full advantage of new mac os Big Sur construction and transformation of nuclear extended to provide our best Windows-on-Mac of forever to our Parallels Desktop 16 customers,”said Nick Dobrovolskiy, parallel to the senior Vice President of engineering and support in a statement.

The moving distance of the kernel extension facilitates the local virtualization of the code helps to provide useful performance improvements. It starts twice as fast as before, the process to install the content at a rate of 20%, and provides 75%of the”git status”when running Linux. You also get a 10% better battery life runtime, the virtual machine, you can set the virtual machine to automatically return the disk space when they are shut down.

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Similarities also think about the service needs of the workplace of the users in the enterprise version of the software, IT support enterprise VM configuration. This means that it can easily configure a virtual machine pre-installed apps can be uploaded and the main for employees to securely download and run on your Apple computer.

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