Worldwide Developer Conference: developer(A)in the rebel app’s storage costs

Apple have 23 million the developers, but faced a rebellion from some, because it is ready to invite everyone to see the future of the platform, at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

And so it goes

Rebellion is not anything particularly new.

Apple policy, its ecosystems, and to maintain strict control of the application provided to the user, and a relatively consistent 30% cut of the revenue. The company didn’t let the app direct users to their own payment system.

Apple’s argument is that it provides a platform and Socrates of storage. It can point to bricks and mortar and retailers note that they also charge a fee for the brand, want to sell them. It may also be noted, because it provides the entire ecosystem, including access to customers, it has some right to charge for access to its system.

Developers do not always agree with, some people want to provide their products to the app through the store, but also to avoid to pay Apple a visit, although this is Apple, the establishment of the audience and the development of the tool makes possible.

They may be a little around the 30%App Store tax(company ownership 30% of sales), but I don’t think they can realistically argue that Apple owes them a free viewer provided.

Compromise is everything

There are always some developers(including some big names)who would like to think that Apple’s platform some form of utility, and as such it owes to other people easy access to those audiences.

That’s not the truth conditions.

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