Win! Play the’Who Are you’on talkSPORT for a chance to win £ 1000! –talkSPORT

We wait for the season to start again, we play our’Who is your’competition again this week, giving you the opportunity to walk away a huge £ 1000.

You have to do is hear the following clip and identify who is the mysterious voice belongs to:

If you think you know who it is, text the word sport followed by your answer 85544.

One lucky winner will be randomly selected from all correctly received and take away £ 1,000 in cash.

Terms and conditions and competition rules apply. See below for more information

Text messages will be charged 1. £ 50 plus your standard network rates will apply. Item must be received in the front near, at 5pm, Friday 1 May 2020.

Competition rules

The following rules(“specific rules”)together the General competition terms and conditions(which can be found at https://talksport. com/competition-terms-conditions)apply to”who are you”(“competition”), it will be at 00:01,25 January 2020 to 17:00 on 1st May 2020(“duration”)across talkSPORT(the”talkSPORT network”), including the SMS database talkSPORT and talkSPORT2. Anyone who enters the competition(a”participant”)will be deemed to have read and accepted the specific rules and talkSPORT’s General competition terms conditions and will be bound by them.
Details of the competition:
Contestants will be asked to identify a”mysterious”sound, which will play the air(or through mobile phone text messages received, or online access), and text in their answers, within the duration of the competition.
To enter the competition entrants must send a text message starting word SPORTS followed by their answer to the question, 85544 (the”text message line”)within the start time and end time of the competition. Text messages will be charged 1. £ 50 plus standard network rates.
The text message line will open at 00:01 on Saturday 25th January 2020 and close at 17:00 on Friday 1 May 2020. If the participants of the text after the closing time, they will not be able to enter the competition, but they can still be prosecuted.
talkSPORT Limited is not responsible of the delay experienced by a participant’s mobile phone network which may delay the delivery of SMS and/or from the US. In addition, talkSPORT Limited is not responsible for the wrong entry may occur via the mobile phone network error or phone error.
When an entrant enters the competition, they will receive an SMS inviting them to participate in our 3 for 2 offer, i.e., if they enter a second time in the same competition round, they will receive an additional item at no additional cost. Additional entries will be automatically included once the entrant enters the second, they will not need the text of the third claim of this. If they do the text for the first three periods to start again they will be charged again. It is the responsibility of participants to ensure that, if they respond to this 3 for 2 offer, the text is still open when they do so. Otherwise, their additional entry and free access to the can charge, but does not include a drawing.
After the closing time of the competition, one winner will be selected at random for all correct items received during the valid entry period. The winner will be contacted within 28 days of the competition closing time. Misspelled items may be accepted, at the discretion of the manufacturer. The producer’s decision is final.

Participants must be 18 years or older.
Contestants can enter a maximum of 20 times the full-day competition. We strongly advise against excessive use.
Participants must have a Bank account, as the prize will be paid by cheque or Bank transfer.
The bonus is £ 1000(one thousand pounds)to pay or by cheque or Bank transfer.
Prize is non-transferable.
talkSPORT limited reserves the right to change the prize or part of it, at any time.
We will strive to pay the winners as soon as possible but not responsible for any delays in the banking system. In addition, the winner will be required to answer a phone call from talkSPORT limited after the competition and supply all information required(in an e-mail or through an online form, as a Director)if they are receiving a Bank transfer. In addition, if any qualified inspection, required, this may delay payment.
Advocacy and the identity of the winner:
If you win a prize, we may post your full name, 城镇或地区的居住和图像无限期地在我们的无线电台的网站 and in our mobile app of the talkSPORT app and in our talkSPORT social channels. We will seek your permission before publishing.

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