Will There Be A Bill And Ted 4?

It took 30 years to get a third Bill & Ted movie made. It’s finally here, though, with the upcoming release of Bill & Ted Face the Music. Now the question becomes whether or not we’ll see another movie in the franchise.

After talking to the co-writers of all three of the films we think it’s safe to say you shouldn’t get your hopes up. Speaking to GameSpot, co-writer Chris Matheson explained, “I think three (movies) is the magic number of storytelling. It’s the beginning, and the middle, and the end.”

Still, he fully admits that it’s taken them longer to get to their end than many other franchises. “It’s a strange rhythm to the Bill & Ted story, because the beginning of the middle happened very close together. And the end is very, very delayed,” he said. However, Matheson “can’t imagine what else there would be to say about them.”

All hope isn’t lost, though. The new movie introduces Billie Logan (Brigette Lundy-Paine) and Thea Preston (Samara Weaving), the daughters of the iconic duo. While the two are quite different from their dads, perhaps there are more ideas to explore about the next generation of Bill & Ted. “I could see a story for Billie and Thea,” co-writer Chris Solomon allowed, before reassuring that he agrees with Matheson about more Bill & Ted films. “I think we both–Chris and I–feel like the Bill & Ted story has completed itself.”

You’ll be able to see the completion of that story yourself when Bill & Ted Face the Music arrives in theaters and digital release on Friday, August 28.

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