Wienermobile to get pulled over, and fans relished the joke

Frankly, even Oscar Meyer Wienermobile To comply with traffic regulations. If the driver does not, he or she might end up getting grilled by the police. Society and the media followers will relish the many puns and other bad jokes about the giant hot dog-shaped vehicle.

“What really happened on that fateful day with the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile for?” Waukesha County, Wisconsin, Sheriff’s office tweeted on Monday. “The driver of the Wienermobile stopped&given a verbal warning, through a @WaukeshaSheriff For not move past legal(2001, not the first 15,no Statute 346.072).”

The meat company Oscar Meyer has 27 six-foot-long Wienermobiles, and apparently one of them get burned. When the Sheriff, shared photos of La-hot Dogger, fans can’t wait for a pun. Here are the five best we saw.

  1. “Thank you for helping us ketchup in these laws; I really enjoy such posts.” –Scott Ehlke on Facebook
  2. “I guess the weinermobile Drive just can’t cut the mustard that day.” –Ralph serves Breakfast on Facebook
  3. “This is Wisconsin. The Weinermobile is equivalent to the Queen in the glass coach there.” —Karendipitee On Twitter
  4. “Don’t drive like a hot dog in”. —K crazy On Twitter
  5. “Shoulda been a misdeweiner, just sayin’.” –Patricia Saavedra on Facebook

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