Why it is a terrible time to buy a graphics card

If you follow the surface is not a complete Nerd podcast, you may know, my General rule of thumb is that you should upgrade your computer components when they no longer perform as well as you need. Waiting for new hardware is often a fool’s game, because in the world of technology, the faster and better thing comes out, at a relatively fast speed.

If you sniff a new high-end card, however, consider holding on the purchase for a few months. This is a terrible time to buy a bar.

Don’t get me wrong: currently the property has a Gpu like the ten RTX2080 super and 2080Ti kick all kinds of ass. But at the same time AMD and more has not announced any new consumer form of the card just yet, there is every reason to believe we will see new high-end hardware from each in the next few months. Splurge on a $ 500 card and now run a high risk of leaving you with a serious case of buyer’s remorse in a few weeks.


AMD RDNA2 and the”big navigation”

Can the graphics card based on AMD’s upgrade RDNA2 architecture will be sometime before the end of the year. “The discrete graphics market, especially in the high-end, it is very important to Us,”CEO Lisa Su stated, in a CES roundtable with select journalists, including Has. “So you should expect that we will have a high-end navigation, although I generally do not comment on notice of the product.”


RDNA2 architecture brings real time ray tracing to the AMD fold for the first time. It also provides a huge 50% performance improvement per watt by the first generation of”new”RDNA Gpu found inside the can RX5700 series and receive 5500XT it. AMD does not currently field any campaign of 4K capable Gpu, more than $ 400 can RX5700XT it. This is great for 1440p gaming, but need a visual compromise, if you want to step to achieve higher resolution.

AMD Chief Financial Officer Devinder Kumar publicity for a large new potential Bank of America Securities global technology conference, in early June, he said,”the big navigation is the halo product”and”Hobbies like to buy the best, of course, we are to give their best.” Kumar also confirmed that the big navigation will be the first RDNA2-based products for AMD. Because those next-generation machine the AMD is the future of this year, with the Xbox X series is scheduled for January launch, this mysterious high-end card will need to start before.

More is the next generation of security Gpu

Preferably, at the same time, as long as the display of its next-generation”A” – shaped configuration in the data center of the form. Although some details are still unclear, it looks like an excellent upgrade.

More a100gpu Selected

Amperes the GPU of the core A100 graphics data center is referred to as the GA100,a guy’s video announcement of more shows.

AMD is the leading airlines of the set of more powerful and efficient than their predecessors, partly because of the move to the smaller 7 nm transistor process. A separate Ann is not the same. Contemporary more graphics to the”spirit”of the framework established in a 12nm process, so expectations of a generation leap forward in performance. A separate transition is the 900 Series 28-nanometer process more than 10-a series of 16 nano process results in Huge The performance gains.

Move to a smaller process allows more to cram in a Many A plurality of graphics core than the previous more core means more performance. The Moore’s law is Dead channel on YouTube claims that consumers ten of the Gpu according to the Ann will receive a huge 4-times increase online tracking performance, citing confidential sources. Always take rumours with a large pinch of salt—this channel is not a history to break the GPU news, but it means more to use the extra space to try and maintain the ray tracing will lead to the now high-end to Gpu and next-generation machine AMD the ray tracing of the inside are on the horizon.

I want to see a decent-to-massive jumps in the traditional presentation of the performance. Separate non-RTX20 series of graphics cards had a slow start, in spite of their ray tracing of innovation and slow improvement, in the tradition of the game is a lot of reasons. “Compared to the overclocking process 1080Ti, you pay a significant cost of high non-RTX2080 today, there is no increase in the traditional performance,”we said in our launch day review. More do not like to make the same mistake twice.

Reading the tea leaves and shopping smart

Performance rdna2 cooler AMD

Large navigation and RDNA2 it.

Again, it is not AMD nor correct formula announced new high-end graphics card. But the support failed to Gpu, code-named”Siena snapper”and”sea halibut,”has begun to appear in recent Linux display driver patch and the mobile transmission and the Internet,”said AMD and selected[is]is set to launch their next-generation Focus.”

Having a mobile transmission and the Internet spotty accuracy of a leak, but often there is the ear which is close to the ground of the PC supply chain. Timing checked out more than in the past exercises, too. Typically, you will see the new consumption amount after a few months, a new architecture been announced, in an expensive data center of the GPU. The RTX20-based two year-old month. It’s ripe for an update.

Add more of the letter, the upcoming high-end GPU announcement, Rumors say it RTX2070 and 2080 Assembly use end of life very soon. Take the rumors with a big grain of salt, but the two selected, and AMD also recently started bundling free games with their graphics cards, the potential to sweeten the pot to help clear inventory before a new generation arrives.

Listening to:lovers-the class diagram of the card is a major investment. You don’t want buyer’s remorse after spending $ 500 to $ 1200 on a piece of Computer Kit. However, a new processor appears more effective rights, and if you lay down your money now instead of waiting a few months, the RUB may come to a new hardware is pretty damn fast.

Non-rtx2080 Super Brad Chacos/IDG

The RTX2080 are many great graphics cards, you should not buy right now.

You just need to buy a graphics card if you build a rip-roaring new gaming PC from scratch, of course. But if you are upgrading an existing operational unit, when the close, if you can. You’ve got a way to keep the good times rolling with old hardware while you wait. Dial graphics settings back to ultra-high can usually provide a major boost in frame rate, because it can reduce the game resolution. Overclocking can also help if you don’t mind drawing more power. If you have a solid Internet connection, streaming your game from the cloud with the Non-is now another option, if your chosen title is supported. There is a surprisingly powerful layer provided free of charge.

If you are looking for nothing but the absolute best gear, this warning Probably Not applicable. Mainstream and low-end graphics card with a more modest version of the new Gpu Tendency Appear a few months after the election and AMD put their best foot before with enthusiast-class choice. That is to say, the current mainstream and low end graphics cards lack of real-time ray tracing capabilities, and it is possible that all the next generation of rally in support of cutting edge lighting technology, the pace with the new machine. If you can hold off pulling the trigger on Any Card to buy for now, you may in the long term–at least if you are interested in online tracking.

If you are still looking for a great 1080p or 1440p the game selection, our guide to the best-shaped card can point you in the right direction.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published June 9 by 2020, but Updated May 20 to include embedded videos in high and update the information.

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