Why is a technical to perform the installation of the security cameras in San Francisco?

The image quality from the camera is better than the typical home security camera is just like a ring or Nest, and horizons larger. It can be said that the more convincing the evidence, the court due to video monitoring by a third-party intermediary who can prove that it is a continuous feed. This is the time stamp. And because the network covers a lot of block shots can tell a wider story than a single organ of an event may move from block to block, in this case, for example, the battle.

A side effect of the camera is, when a C. B. D. The installation, which seems to promote the crime only a few blocks away, Mr. Larsen said.

“This is whack-a-mole”Mr. Larsen said.

The same day as Japan town meeting, Larsen, and Mr. Boudin, Mr. drove to the C. B. D. Headquartered in the Tenderloin, the city’s poor communities. They sat at a folding table about 10 people. Apparently do not exist: anyone from the police Department.

Last year, someone was shot dead right in front of the office in a team meeting. Shootings more than doubled in the vicinity, up to 130% in the last year, they said. Since the Cov of the epidemic since the beginning, the number of tents for homeless people in the neighborhood have increased, from about 120 to about 400, until the Proceedings of local residents led the city to move tent dwellers into a safe sleep website, the organization’s leaders, Mr. Bertrang said.

“We don’t have a good law enforcement response, now,”Mr. Mr. Dan told the group. “It takes 10 cops to do a single drug bust, costs $ 20,000 or something. I don’t want my lawyer can do so without any benefits on the street.”

He said a more effective strategy would be to focus on the crime ring leaders, instead of people on the sidewalk.

The surveillance video is deleted completely after 30 days, Boudin, Mr. want to know if it may be saved for a longer time, to give his office more time to put the case together.

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