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DeepMind’s co-founder and head of the Applied Artificial Intelligence, Mustapha Suleiman, to leave the company indefinitely.

Initial report by Bloomberg yesterday evening, the decision has been made by the company as a mutual. A spokesman for DeepMind, said:”Mustafa is taking time to appear in a busy 10 years.” The company did not specify the reasons for his departure, but there is no indication that this is about his performance, he is widely expected to eventually return.



Suleiman established the artificial intelligence lab in 2010 with Shane Legg, a machine learning researcher from New Zealand, the child of a Friend de Meath sa.

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It is then obtained by Google in the premium £ 400 million deal in 2014, Suleiman the final fate line DeepMind applied AI, which aims to apply its deep learning technology to solve practical problems.

This eventually led to the controversial 2016 in partnership with the National Health Service, which is limited by inadequate data sharing control, while the development of a kidney monitoring app called Flow, which has been absorbed into Google’s own health Department, the DeepMind of the future healthcare project in doubt.

DeepMind also see to it that the financial loss to expand in the past year, the FT reports The company’s losses rose 55 per cent to £ 470 million last year.

The company has more than $ 1 billion of debt in the next 12 months, and doubts about its long-term strategy is growing.

Gary Marcus the founder of the firm. Amnesty International and a Professor of psychology and neuroscience at New York University, raised the suspicion of commercial applications from its in-depth enhance learning in an article he wrote for wired, and warned that if the losses continued almost doubled every year”, or even Letters may eventually have to evacuate.”

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Suleiman has proven to be a prominent public face of DeepMind and eloquent advocate of AI ethics, but he has attracted criticism of the company’s controversial to share data processing NHS. Suleiman led the development of DeepMind Health of the team, but from his role running the unit when the parent Google to absorb the brand into its Google Health Sector.

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