“Which Side Are You On?”: Bernie Sanders Storms Through New Hampshire

On a cold Friday morning in New Hampshire, hundreds of vehicles, including a Mini Cooper completely cover the Pro-Bernie vinyl decor filled the car Park and the neighborhoods around the New Hampshire Institute of politics St. Anselm College, in Goffstown, Bernard Sanders version of its old Breakfast series, the politics and eggs. Outside, a few grey hair of the candidates turned away at the door, asked to wait for the”only shake hands with the Senator.” “Please leave the scene!” The event staff yelled. Inside, past a Church full of Breakfast products, in a small auditorium filled with local businessmen, students, citizens Bernie believers and priests, Sanders hunched on a table, the crooks on the one hand, the crazy signature commemorative wooden eggs. (A showcase exhibition of significant signing wooden eggs on display in the lobby.) One of the introductory speakers thanks to the sponsorship of participants in”is such a great corporate citizen”; and thank the journalists. “It is a profession that does not give the reason,”he said. Sanders, they tend to use”company”as shorthand for”no good”—as in the term”corporate media”stage, in a neat suit and tie,hair combed, like Bart Simpson in the Church. He also addressed the journalists. “Isn’t it nice to go to an event where you don’t think is The enemy?” He said. “Glad to see the respect. But I don’t want to overdo it!” His voice gradually increased between a tribute and something like disgust.

The night before, the Slow Dribbling of the results from the Iowa Caucus seems to have ended; to Pete for beating Saunders by one-tenth of a percentage point. (For any sense of victory or choose to turn it into positive, gave a welcome speech before the results have been aggregated.) For Sanders, New Hampshire is a chance to require a more secure victory, one unhindered by the normal procedure, in a place not far from his home in Vermont. In 2016, he earned around sixty-percent of the New Hampshire Democratic vote, and recent polls had him as a slight favorite over for. On stage, Sanders, read the best title—”pete for top billionaire donors list“And so, the alignment of his competitors in the financial élites. “I like Pitt for. Nice guy,”he said. “However, we are in a moment of billionaires control not only our economy”, but our politics. We have to choose:”which side are you on?” The language shows in every event that I attended.

Bernie’s stump speech, delivered with ornery of enthusiastic appreciation, but the quiet of the room, citing salary, is”not a Nickel more. . . Over forty-five years ago,”once you adjust for inflation; hundreds of millions of baseball players but very few of the teachers; and a series of including homelessness, death, bankruptcy, obscene, cancer, financial devastation, climate change, fossil fuel subsidies and tax relief, the opioid epidemic, corruption and greed. The crowd heard a polite, eat the eggs. As Sanders spoke, he leaned forward, his expression intense, waving his hands and occasionally pointing a finger. His list of Horrors is almost completed, he transferred to the audience a short quiz

Admirable, Sanders took questions about life, allowing for possible people embarrassed. (When I saw Amy Klobuchar, in her Iowa event, she took questions written on cards.) A man asked a specific example of how to carry out the activities, and listen to citizens, make the Sanders adjust the position. This is a clever, some challenging questions—Sanders is famous for the beloved of his consistency. Sanders answered smoothly: he said, until he ran for the country, he is not fully aware of the corruption and racism of the criminal justice system and how flawed the immigration system. He adjusted his priorities. Another question, he promised the legalization of marijuana in all fifty States in the first day. (Klobuchar’s day, including”fire in the Beit Voss.”) Like Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren, Sanders has interrupted his schedule of activities of the impeachment hearings, he in the event is on the weekend. He runs away and the other hanging in the lobby, admiring the wooden eggs and boxes of posters, Edmund Muskie, Ronald Reagan, Eugene McCarthy and Jimmy Carter representative of an illustration of a Smiling Peanut.

I talked about some of the participants visit of the students from the news programmes, strangely barrel chest non-primary dealers. A woman named Diana Soto, who was wearing the red hoodie on the floor in American flag print dress(“I’m a cliché patriot”, she said), like Bernie for his”passion”:”he believed what he was saying.” Soto is an insurance agent, although the insurance”the purpose is to help people”, she said, she believes that Bernie is right about the greed and corruption of the insurance companies. “There is too much power and money in few hands”, she said. “It needs to be fixed. I hope he gets a chance to do so.”

That night, St. Anselm Romney held debate, and Sanders campaign organized a watch party in Manchester in a warehouse-like, Astroturfed facility known as the ultimate sports Academy. The venue, home of the Little League team called The New Hampshire lynx, is a decorative trophy, American flag, team photo, and a replica of the Charlotte Bobcats of the terms from the New Hampshire The Union leader. Two ten year old boys in baseball uniforms suggest me to buy snacks, which will support a plan to Cooper, New York. I asked them about the arena. Anything in addition to baseball Bernie happen here? “Softball,”said one. “And they got Zumba.”

The activities of volunteers surrender of the debate bingo cards, boxes like”coronavirus”the”candidate vow say the words,””Klobuchar:’I wouldn’t be a red state’or rather,”and, in the middle,”Bernie the potential(free).” The crowd is mainly white, in addition to several volunteers and journalists of color, but of different age and beauty: a young woman sitting in a wheelchair with a pink and light green hair, the girl in the”tween to Bernie”shirt, slightly Michael Moore the man FaceTimed with his wife into the room, Michael Moore himself. I talked to people from New Orleans, New York, Australia.

A family of four from the New Hampshire coast area of Brian and Kara Dillard and their daughter, who sat quietly reading books. A few years ago, when they lived in California, Brian says, they see”Obama drive by in a limousine”, but in New Hampshire, they can get all the candidates, and no. They are enthusiastic Bernie’s supporters, for many reasons; health insurance for all is their key issue. “We have a successful national business, and we still can’t afford health insurance,”Brian said. Arthur Washington, a retired corporate lawyer, the lawyer had traveled to New York City for the primary week, said,”I think, Bernie is a special feelings of the love he inspired.” Bernie”too progressive”Washington, but he was very fond of him. As a lawyer, Washington has treated the company and the liability insurance. “I think it’s too easy to vilify the company,”he said. When Sanders condemned”the company”Washington went on,”people think that a Fortune 500 company,”but most of the smaller formal enterprises run by ordinary citizens, and not make Amazon malfeasance. Rick Maynard, a retired electrician staff in a Union hat and a reflective vest, they also have a public access TV energy conservation issues, saying,”I saw Nina will be here”—Nina Turner, Sanders motion co-chair. “I love Nina.” He then said,”Bernie will represent every citizen of the United States of America—for everyone’s well-being and welfare.” Everyone I spoke to, almost all without being asked, said that they will vote for any Democrat who got the nomination.

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