When is a lift a better deal than owning a car?

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When I suddenly found myself without wheels this fall after what I thought was just a car accident, I spent several weeks flip-flopping about whether or not I want to buy another car.

In less than three years, I have only about 12,000 miles. I work at home. I can walk or bike to a grocery store and a pharmacy. I really want to spend a million dollars for a chunk of metal and plastic, will spend most of the time in my driveway?

At the same time I thought about it, I signed When the monthly membership service,Dropped my bike for a tune-up, download the mobile app to keep track of my journey path. But it all felt like a guessing game. I think there must be a The magic number When it made more sense to own a car and fill the shoes together with a collection of hitchhiking, rent and other shipping options yourself.

Spoiler alert: I bought a car, after the price on the used one I have been staring at the drops so low I can’t miss it. But after I signed the paperwork, and settled in with my new journey, I still continue to use my bike and the request from the city centre; I even ride time. So my question lingered.

Go fare is about convenience, not just cost

The reason it is difficult to determine the actual cost of car ownership substantially any other things Yes, it really does not come a cost. This is for your position and access, said Richard Reina, product training Director at the Auto Parts store CARiD.com.

If you live in an urban area with lots of options, from a ride to the car, per hour rental for each month of ownership choice on public transport, Cycling, motorcycle,that strange cushion plate just a wheel—I can go—you can choose a mix and match solution that works for you.

But on the other side of access, you may not have any place to Park a car if you own all or part of the time. Your decision depends in part on your financial means, but it also depends on at least in your will to manage any number of transportation options in your never-ending quest for convenience.

At the same time, if you live in an area without public transport, with irregular ride-sharing service(or no service at all), or away from your workplace, this could be lowered came to sheer necessity. If you want to get the working hours per day, you have your own wheels, however old or out of place.

Although it would be nice to be able to easily calculate your turning point to give up your car in exchange for some form of share of the economy, for a lot of people, just not a clear answer. “What price you put on freedom and flexibility”asked Greg McBride, chief financial analyst Visit Silver rate network verification. “That’s where the real advantage is having a car. No one thinks how convenient it is to throw something in the trunk when you run errands, until you have no car, do so.”

Don’t miss the budget for the forest of car ownership tree

A lot of personal financial resources will tell you, if you want to get the debt one of the ways to quickly do this, is to get rid of your second car, or go car. However, although it may provide a quick injection of cash budget, odds are you are unlikely to get Everywhere You want to go to a one-month Travel Pass and your own feet. You will still have a running item in the budget, even if it is not filled by a car payment, and insurance coverage.

A recent survey Debt management application consistent Found that 49%of Americans with debt won’t give up their car for a year in exchange for having their debt paid off. For Generation X and the new Millennium, which is the second highest non-transferable expenditure(only phone service ranked higher). At the same time, only 12% of respondents are unwilling to give up their ride sharing service, such as super or because become debt free.

I have these people unwilling to give up the freedom of hopping in the car just Go. Two College student loans? No problem, I said, when I signed up the first car I bought when I went from Washington to Florida. Having a car is normal. I would also like to do normal things. Not because I don’t want to save money to put toward my debt, but because it can get around on my own but the most economical way to do it.

Well, you Can Run the numbers

Find out, if you want a car made sense for me, I compared the cost of using LyftPink a month, why I spent each on my last car. (I pay for my new car outright, so the math will not be considered as fair, this one).

When I have a month of car payment, minimum I can expect to pay monthly of $ 491. Include my minimum payment to my car loan, my insurance, gas, run through the car wash, repair and I-AAA members.

In this month, I used LyftPink, I paid 19. 99 USD received 15% of the pin of each journey. I spent 16 rides, and after tipping my driver, I paid a total amount of 206. 46—an average of $ 12. 90 per ride.

Cheaper than owning my car, for sure. But I also spent the cash(I didn’t track)on the car; if a friend take me running errands in my car-life,I would throw her a few bucks for gas.

The other option I can think of is a ride plus rent from a local enterprise or Hertz, it is the past in this area has already cost me about $ 150 for a three-day weekend. If the car or Car2Go(RIP)is available in my area, I would look at the cost of at least $ 82, every day.

There is also a new concept of car ownership of the subscription service to consider. They are”a neutral person not to own a car and the commitment to it, but need more convenience than a ride service can be provided,”Reina explained.

You must be signed on a minimum of 30 days before switching to a month of ordering. Your payment includes your insurance, maintenance and repairs. You pay an extra fee is filled Gas tank. “It becomes potentially a viable option depends on where you are, Leeve and how often you need a car,”Reina said.

However, even if this is not a perfect solution. “If you live in Manhattan, which is not attractive as a choice”, because it is if you live where there is plenty of Parking, he admitted.

The car even has its own version, providing unlimited access to a car Mon-Fri to and from work. If you drive 20 miles each day,your cost(including gas, insurance, Parking and maintenance)will be about $ 700, according to the estimation tool on the Car website.

Reina said, looking at the upfront cost of at least $ 400- $ 500 services, such as car, or monthly ownership subscription service FlexDrive can turn people off, because it looks so expensive. It may seem absurd, if you see advertisements to lease or purchase a new car $ 200 per month.

However, this is not an apples-to-apples comparison, Ray NASDAQ out of that. In addition to providing a service to a price, the cost of insurance based on your age and geographic location is also a factor. If you are a driver in more than 20 years, for example, you may have to pay significantly more for insurance coverage than people in their 40’s.

If you want to dig into your long term car ownership costs relative to ridesharing, check out the online calculator The car or the driver. You enter your vehicle information, driving habits, and information for Parking and other fees. (It also requires depreciation of the value of the car into account). In addition to the obvious costs associated with this site factors in the value of time. If you can work on your laptop or phone in your super or when rides, to get that time back could be another factor that drives you to go for some, if not all of your luck in that direction.

I plugged in my own case, including my new car, found that owning a car for 10 years would cost me a total of $ 53,170, while ride-sharing will cost me$90,460 in this period of time. (I get motion sickness, so work from the back seat of people’s cars is not entirely feasible, to me.) This is an estimation, certainly it does not consider the ongoing development of self-driving cars, for one-but it is an option to get a broad look at your future if you fully switched in either direction.

But in addition to numbers, it almost relates to how difficult or downright miserable your life will be without your own set of wheels. If you’ve gone Car, How do you make your decisions? What factors did you consider before making the Switch? Let us know in the comments.

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