When Can Americans Travel to Europe? EU Announces They Are Opening Their Borders

The European Union took a step Wednesday to reopen to fully vaccinated travelers, setting off a flurry of questions among those hoping to head to the continent. The plan has yet to be approved by national leaders. Here is the latest on the situation and answers to likely questions.

When can vaccinated Americans travel to Europe?

On Wednesday, ambassadors from the 27 European Union member states agreed to a proposal that would re-open their borders to fully vaccinated travelers from countries deemed safe, if the final shots were taken two weeks before travel and were from providers approved by the World Health Organization or the EU’s medicines regulator. EU officials have indicated the U.S. will soon be added to the safe list. Vaccines from Pfizer Inc., Moderna Inc. and Johnson & Johnson are all allowed. The proposal still needs to be approved by national leaders. Once approved, the EU-wide agreement is expected to come into effect very soon, according to an EU spokesperson.

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