What derailed the great summer opening

Harvard students will course online, even those living on campus.

Big we the re-opening of the pandemic in the summer, it turns out, has been off the track.

“Basically, we saw what happened in New York back, unless it occurs in the more Metropolitan areas of the country,”said Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician and public health Professor at George Washington University.

“We don’t have the political will and public will to impose closed because we did not come back.”

There are consequences to re-open so quickly

Countries with severe coronary virus problem need to consider off once again, Fauci said
Report of the first case of Covid-19 in the US last month 21. By the end of April, more than one million Americans are infected. At that time, the state of Florida has outlined the re-plan, namely, New York, the early Centre, has counted more than 22,000 deaths, and 300,000 of the case.
A few weeks into June, there are two million cases. On Wednesday, less than a month after the country topped the three million cases of the new coronavirus. This is a day after reporting the highest one-day statistics, to date there are 60,000 people.
More than 90% of Americans are stay-at-home order in early spring for the sheer number of cases brought in the healthcare system, in some countries the edge.
However, the King Government is eager to get the economy restarted. Protests against live at the local eruption of the order, from Washington to the West, New York. In late May, many States began to lift the restrictions, although warned that the expansion of the detection and tracking of contact and better treatment options are necessary.
Oregon women having combat coronavirus symptoms, since March

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious diseases experts call the”differences”and the parties in the country contribute to the failure to stop can’t control the surge of cases.

“From experience, always…when you don’t have a consistent one way or something, you’re not effective, How do you deal with,”he said Thursday on FiveThirtyEight’s weekly podcast-19.

He added,”When you’re better than the rest of us, I don’t think you can say we are doing great. I mean, we’re just not.”

Wen said most of the country is now living the consequences of the re-opened too early–and the one without an adequate national-Cov strategies.

“The American people have made tremendous sacrifices to get us where we are,”the article said, Baltimore’s former Health Commissioner.

“Tens of millions of people have lost their jobs. Kids are out of school and lose precious time and unfortunately, we are in this position where, we’ve wasted the time, these sacrifices should buy us.”

There are 33 countries the trend to rise, with an average daily case

Many countries are pause or roll back the re-opening plan. These accounting for over 40% of Americans have put their re-open, on hold, Goldman reported Thursday. Countries with another 30%of the population has been reversed, the portion of the plan.

Washington has largely left the re-opening plans in the country.

There are at least 33 countries, the upward trend in the daily average of the case-an increase of at least 10% more than the previous week.

CNN medical analysis Dr. Celine Gounder, a physician, infectious disease experts and epidemiologists say that most countries have”half-hearted”measures to combat the spread of the virus, noting, for example, more stringent asylum, the place where the order could have been achieved earlier than March and April.

“If we are all locked up and at the same time to take two months to do what we need to do the preparatory conference, the selected criteria(for reopening)and all subsequent lifting slowly, we are actually in a very different place now,”she said.

‘A piecemeal approach’and’mixed message’

Countries such as South Korea, Germany and Taiwan, successfully slowing the spread of the virus, including the rapid mobile monitoring those who are isolated and carried out extensive testing and tracking.

“Other countries have been able to fight this, because they have a national coordinating strategy rather than a piecemeal approach combined with the mixed messages, and even disdain for science and public health, some of our public officials exhibit,”the article said. “We really don’t need in this position.”

In Florida, health officials reported Thursday, 8,935 new Covid-19 cases, at least 120 people dead.

The King' s pressure spark total chaos in the disease prevention and control center of the school of open guidelines

Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas accounted for about 50% of new infections.

Texas Thursday, on the set another record the highest single-day death increased 105–a day after it reported the second-highest daily the latest case in 9,979.

Louisiana, despite the progress made, in recent weeks, has been installed the levels of Social spread, forcing New Orleans to limit bars and restaurants to 25 patrons inside and the Prohibition Bar on the seat.

Arizona has led the country to more one on the highest seven-day average of the new coronavirus cases per 100,000 people, according to CNN analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University of.

Even California, once praised for for early the Limited, have seen infection rates rise in the Los Angeles level not yet seen.

“If the purpose is to have the school open in the fall, perhaps what we should do is not the bar be open in the summer,”Wen said.

A possible’double’in the drop

The national peak down to less than three months before the start of the flu season, which health experts warn may be the new wave of Covid-19.

“We may face a double blow to fall,”Wen said.

“So you will have lots of patients come in with the same type of symptoms of fever, shortness of breath, cough and that will really drain we provide personal protective equipment, because the patient comes in, you don’t know what they have. So you have to be them, if they have Covid. This will be a huge pressure on our health care system–for beds, for ventilation and, more importantly, our healthcare workers.”

9 surface of the shield to help protect yourself this summer

This is not a year to jump to get the influenza vaccine.

“The health system will be overwhelmed by Covid in most countries this fall and winter,”Gounder said.

Fauci and others said, We still have time to reverse this epidemic across parts of South and South-West.

However, States need to begin to suspend their reopenings, and to expand detection and tracking, and encourage physical distancing and mask wearing.

“I hope we don’t have to resort to closing,”Fauci said Thursday at an event by the mountain.

“I think that would be something, obviously, is an extreme. I think it will not be seen as very, very favorable…so, instead of thinking in terms of recovery, back to a fully closed, I would think we need to give countries pause in their open process.”

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