What a unique perspective is a valuable asset

L’oréal USA chief talked about how she applies the lessons she learned playing hockey marketing one of the world’s top beauty brands and companies is how to return during the epidemic.

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28, 2020

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The views expressed Entrepreneurs The donor countries themselves.

Gretchen Saegh-Fleming is a collective management organization of L’oréal USA. For #ThePlaybookShe talks to host David Meltzer on her high school hockey experience and how it taught her about the”big lock”from challenging the status quo.

As a left-hander, Saegh-Fleming, the challenge is by no left-handed hockey stick. To play, ask her to learn how to keep stick to a right handed grip. To do this hold the future of course, Saegh-Fleming put in additional time and implementing more than her teammates to achieve the capacity, the final evaluation of the capacity as”OK”.

Her breakthrough occurred when she self-study using a reverse grip, holding her right hand the stick in a left hand or back. Her unique positioning to confuse the opponent, to help her team win the game, turns to her before the vulnerability became strength and teach her what the different status can be a huge asset.

Saegh-Fleming recommended that recent graduates and job seekers to lean to their uniqueness, the reason is”because I’m worth it”slogan, created a Junior female writer to work with mostly men.

Saegh-Fleming also discussed the L’oreal solution to this epidemic and its impact of the quality of the produce hand sanitizer and provide support to retail partners and salon owners.

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