We will have summer tourist season, promises EU

Police had to evacuate the crowds to the steps of Sacre Coeur in Paris on TuesdayThe copyright of the image
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Security is a key factor, the proposal by the EU-police had to evacuate the crowds to the steps of Sacre Coeur in Paris on Tuesday

A gradual lifting of the border has been by proposed by the EU Executive in an attempt to start a tourism industry battered Cov pandemic.

“Our message is that we will have a tourist season this summer,”said Economic Affairs Commissioner Paul*Italian outer,”even if it is with the safety measures and restrictions.”

The closure of the border throughout the EU, including the border-free Schengen zone.

However, the state began to re-open them.

Austria and Germany have become the latest EU country agreed to remove the travel restrictions.

From Friday there will be random checks at border crossing points, and then in 15 months the free flow should be restored. “We want to make people daily life more easily and take another step towards a more normal,”said Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz.

British travelers have been warned not to expect”luxury”in the International Festival, and plan a 14-day quarantine on air arrivals. But travel there is no isolation area will be possible in France and Ireland.

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Germany introduced the border control, in its several neighbours, when the start of the outbreak

The scale of the crisis illustrates the travel giant Tui announced the loss of up to 8,000 working around the world with plans to cut costs by 30%. The German government gave the company 18 million Euros(£1. 6 billion;US $ 1.9 billion)bridge loan to sustain.

What is the EU planning?

The European Commission said that its guidance is based on the principles of safety and non-discrimination. The tourism industry provides almost 10%of European economic output and millions of jobs across the 27 member States rely on it.

Committee Vice-Chairman Margaret*Vestager said no one should travel if they feel sick or experience symptoms.

The non-binding plan relates to the state work together to gradually eliminate the travel ban and the subsequent border checks, while maintaining targeted measures, as Covid-19 outbreak involving under the control of the member States.

A phased approach will begin by allowing seasonal workers across the border, followed by a lifting of restrictions among the countries of the virus at a similar level of control, and then the opening of all EU internal borders.

“Workers and travelers need to know, hotels, restaurants and the beach is safe,”said Ms Vestager. She added, various contact application to track the ongoing efforts by European countries to monitor the spread of Covid-19 will have to work the whole of Europe.

A refund or voucher, to cancel the travel?

A big problem for European consumers is what will happen if their trip is canceled.

Ms Vestager accepted, and the tourism business is facing a cash crisis,”European consumers have the right to receive a cash refund, if this is what they want.” She said, the crisis will be less severe, if the consumer agrees to the voucher, and therefore recommendations will be made on how to make this option more attractive.

“Of course it will not be a normal summer but when we all work together…then we would not have to face a completely lost summer,”she told reporters.

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We didn’t get very far, if companies and airlines go out of business, but a lot of gratitude intense strain

One of the recommendations:

  • Rail and air tickets should buy and check in online and physical distance, in the security check
  • Food and drink may no longer be sold on Board the flight restrictions contact
  • Fewer passengers should be allowed on aircraft, buses, trains and ferries and sterile Gel should be
  • Passengers are not from the same family can sit in addition to
  • All transportation staff should have protective equipment, it is possible the protective barriers of the driver.

Mr Italy outside the Italian tourist season has been a serious blow, because the first half of the main period from period from may have been lost.

How different countries act?

The EU wants to get the countries in the European Union and the Schengen area to work together, because many are at different speeds in the lifting of their blockade.

Some countries have imposed quarantine measures for travelers. From the Friday arrival of the Spanish to enter the quarantine area for 14 days.

In the UK, this has left the EU, but is still working on its rule this year, plans for a 14-day quarantine on arrival by air. However, it has been agreed bilateral arrangements for the trip, with France and Ireland, means that there is no quarantine involved. Beach in Northern France’s Western Brittany region began to re-open, visitors last Wednesday, but under strict restrictions.

  • From France to escape the British quarantine

England’s health Minister, Matt Hancock said that last Tuesday,”a large, luxury international holidays”, this year is not possible this year, although some of the reception may be restored from July.

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Media captionMatt Hancock:”impossible so the large, luxurious international holiday is to be able to on this summer”

A”Baltic bubble”is set into the operation last Friday, so that travel by rail, sea and air across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, but there is an isolation area was originally the local travelers from other countries.

All guests are free Covid-19 symptoms and Latvia urges the people to decide whether travel is absolutely necessary.

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