We COVID-19 the test result of the day; needs more testing

By Calculated risk 4/03/2020 05:02:00

Germany is for the 50 000 tests each day, the scientists recommended Germany to increase the test to 200,000 every day.

Germany’s population of 83 million, about a quarter. To match Germany’s current Test level, we need 200 000 tests of each day, we need four times that many based on the recommendations of some scientists.

United States testing shortages continue. We need someone responsible to solve the bottleneck problem of the personal protective equipment, manpower, swabs, reagent-no matter what the problem, Someone needs to fix it.

Testing and tracking is a key criteria, at the beginning of the re-opening of the country. My current guess is that testing and tracking will need about 300 000 tests per day in the first time because the United States is far behind the curve.

Note: the data of a few days ago was updated and revised, so the chart may change.

Also, I no longer include pending tests. So this is just the test results report daily.

139,613 test results reported in the past 24 hours.

COVID-19 test every day Click to view a larger image.

This data is from COVID tracking project.

Percentages are for the past 24 hours 24%(red line) is. We need enough testing to push the percentage in 5%or less.

Test. Test. Test. Protection of health care workers the first!

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