We asked an expert how to tell if a product is truly all natural

Raise your hand if you’ve ever stood in the skin care channel, and have been paralyzed, because you don’t know if you are buying really is”natural”as a label says. Glad I’m not alone. Again and again I heard my friend, mom, sister, and substantially all of the networks say they struggle to tell us, if the product is actually clean, all natural, or organic.

I know I can sit down and do research before I buy products, but who wants to spend an hour decoding a breakdown of the complete names you’ve never heard of it?

Because I’m totally in the confused about which product safe to use, I hit up the co-founder of beauty retailer CreedAnnie Jackson, to find the answers to all my questions about the clean beauty, natural products, as well as how to care for me Really Is.

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What is”clean”really mean?

One of the main problems that I have run, and the shopping of beauty products is not knowing what it really means for a product to be”clean”. The short answer? Clean is not a standard beauty, but a label, and a different brand. Creed broke what the term clean means that they Their websiteBut you have to make your own decision on which products are safe to use.

Unfortunately, there is no legal definition of the term natural, organic, or clean. This lack of a formal label structure allows brands and trademarks note their products as they would like.

When it comes to say if an ingredient is”natural”, a good rule of thumb is to know that”natural ingredients derived from natural sources, which means that they can be found in nature.”

This makes me think of one of the most important steps you need when shopping for beauty products.

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Know how to read an ingredient label

We are honest, read the back of cosmetic labels is like reading a foreign language most of the time. Why be so damn confusing? Well, you can thank tOther international terms of cosmetic ingredients(INCI). INCI is a system of named subcontracting mounted on the column of personal care products. Brand the following INCI guidelines correctly use the scientific name of the Protocol(usually in Latin)as part of the effort to standardize the ingredients name.

The General next to the Latin name should be the English translation in parentheses. Looking for the English names of the listed ingredients, should help you better understand the ingredients list of a given product. However, take caution to only read the Latin name,”most people read the natural ingredients of the label and a reaction and freaked out because they see something like, Butyrospermum Parkii said,’I think this is quite natural!’and Really it’s just the INCI term for butter.”

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Is nature always a bad thing?

It turns out that natural is not always good and unnatural is not always bad. (ie. Arsenic can be worse for you than some of the synthetic ingredients.)

In addition, some ingredients can be found in nature and Also Create a laboratory with the same properties. One example is N-acetyl glucosamine:”this ingredient can be made in the laboratory, and this ingredient can also be found naturally in the shell of shellfish. However, this is a real effective skin Supplement ingredients, can effectively brighten skin and help even skin tone.”

Read the label and learn about the ingredients is the key if you want to find the safest products.

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What animal lovers need to know

As a person committed to a vegan lifestyle(which includes only use vegan beauty products), I was also curious about Anne’s thoughts on vegan cruelty product. She explained that for a product is vegan, it does not contain any animal products. Cruel is a term that refers to animal testing. If you want to only use products that are cruel, she gave a quick offer to learn if one brand of test animals. According to Anne,”the brand sold in China must be tested on animals, so this is a simple method to determine if a brand is cruelty free”.

Many beauty products will have a clear label that States if they tested on animals or not, but this is not always the case.

I went to review the FAQ section of a brand website before I buy from them. They usually address if their products do not test animals, and if they did not mention anything about their policies, I see it as a bad sign.

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