Waymo Anca Dragan and”IKE”robotics Jur van den Berg to the TC meeting: robotics+AI.

The road to”solve”self-driving car is fraught with challenges, from perception and decision-making to understand the interaction between human and robot.

Today, we announced, join our TC meeting: robotics+AI on 3 September at the University of California at Berkeley, two experts play an important role in the development and deployment of Autonomous vehicle technology: Anca Dragan And Jur van den Berg.

Dragan is an assistant Professor at the University of California Berkeley electrical engineering and computer science departments, as well as a senior research scientist and consultant Waymo, Before Google Automatically driving the project, is now a business letter. She is running the Interaction Lab at the University of California at Berkeley, which focuses on algorithm of the human-machine interaction. Dragan also helped found and serves on the steering Committee for AI Berkeley Research Laboratory, and co-PI of the Center for human-compatible AI.

Last year, Dragan has won the Presidential Early Career Award for scientists and engineers.

Van den Berg, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Ike robotics, self-driving trucks launched last year, raised$52 million in a series A round of funding round led by Bain Capital Ventures. Van den Berg has been part of the most important, secret and even controversial companies in the Autonomous vehicle technology industry. He is a senior research and development at Apple’s Special Projects group before jumping to the automatic driving of the truck to start Otto. He became a senior autonomy engineer at Super after calling the car company was bought by Otto .

All these led to IKE, which is built in 2018, with South sun and Woodrow Alden, they are also veterans of Apple, Google and Uber Advanced technology the mission of auto truck driving program.

TC meeting: robotics+AI Back to Berkeley on March 3. Be sure to grab your early tickets today for $ 275 before the price goes up by $ 100. Students, grab your tickets for just $ 50 here.

Start-UPS, demo tables right here and put in front of more than 1000 of robotics/AI of the best and brightest—each strap has four participants of the ticket.

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