US coronavirus: Government is preparing for pandemic that could last up to 18 months and ‘include multiple waves of illness’

Nearly 9, 000 Americans have tested positive for the virus. At least 149 have died.

Mom and a Minister being recovered from the coronavirus. One of them almost did not feel nausea

Slowing the spread of the virus, the Governor in the country to rise to action this week, the implementation of drastic measures, such as closing schools, the transition of bars and restaurants, only taken out of Service, and Prohibition of mass gatherings.

Some city leaders in Los – Including San Francisco Mayor, London Breed who was the first to develop this kind of policy, have instructed their residents to”shelter location”and leave their home only when absolutely necessary.

About 10 million inhabitants are in such an order. Solano County, has recently joined other Bay Area County in the execution of the Command, told residents to remain in place until April 7.

“We take this health crisis seriously and strive to protect our community, while still ensuring that the important part of our County’s function and attempt to relieve the heavy burden placed on workers and businesses,”Dr La the vicinity,Solano County Public Health officials said in a statement.

But in many communities across the United States, this burden has proved to be huge, with some hospitals say they are sky-high value of the equipment.

Sewing the masks together

In southwest Georgia, the hospital stay for three days mask, Scott Steiner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Phoebe Putney Health System, told the US cable news network.

“We’ve gone through five months, and now six months of supplies, in less than a week,”he said. “We scrambled.”

To get the supply last longer, Steiner said a team of staff Sewing the masks together.

A former firefighter and a retired magician is between people who&#39 had died of coronavirus in the United States

“This is a surgical light sheet, and this is our prototype,”he said. “We have about 3,000 of these made. We believe that we can make 200 000. It will take a few weeks, but this is a what we have to do this because we don’t know the next shipment is coming.”

Similar stories DIY supplies have been pouring in from across the country.

“We actually fell in a half-day of personal protective equipment,”Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips, chief clinical officer and Executive Vice-President of the Providence St. Joseph Health System 50 of the hospital, said Wednesday. “We have been almost desperate, looking under every corner, trying to find the equipment we needed. “

Typically, she said, These hospitals together to go over 250,000 mask of the year. In three months this year, a hospital has been through the same amount.

“This increase in demand, and some are just far exceeds the supply,”Compton-Phillips says. So hospitals are resorting to making their own equipment.

“Actually we want to put 100 Million Mask challenge and plans on how to build masks, as well as the design, so you can make it at home. Because we need to do something. We know the global supply chain tied up, now”, she said.

National measures to combat shortage

In King County, which saw the first cluster of outbreaks in the United States, officials said Wednesday they want to set up a temporary field hospital in a soccer field.

The field will give the County an additional 200 medical beds. Health officials estimate the need for approximately 3,000 more beds for the country.

“This is a rapidly evolving situation that requires quick and decisive action”, the press conference from the city of Shoreline, Washington said. “The County is moving to address the growing needs of the hospital beds in the region(and)is currently set up tents and other infrastructure ready.”

Health officials in Washington state said they would set up a medical bed in a soccer field at the shoreline

In Maryland, health officials being on their medical beds by at least 6,000 people.

“We’re concerned about Like hospital beds, capacity, processing things such as personal protective equipment and exhaust fan and all of these things,”Maryland Governor Larry Hall said Wednesday. “Every Governor took independent action that they believe is necessary to save the life of the people in their countries in an unprecedented action, all of our consideration.”

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo said the virus should be a peak at 45 days and the requirements of the and an additional 110,000 beds.

“They are talking about the flat of the curve”, he told CNN’s Chris Cuomo before this week. “I don’t see a curve. I see a wave. And the wave is going to break in the health care system and…it will be a tsunami.”

The country already has the capacity for 3000 ventilation equipment, but Como said This is not enough.

Hospitals and doctor's offices compete for the Cov of protective equipment, and therefore some make their own

Michael Dowling, President and CEO of Northwell Health, by the New York Governor to lead a hospital Surge Team. He said he wants to buy up to 500 ventilation equipment, which may cost up to 20,000 to $ 40,000 for a machine.

At the same time, a sudden increase in the demand of the ventilators, the manufacturer says, it is difficult to support.

“This is more than we can currently provide,”said Kathrin Elsner, team leader of the marketing communications machine in the Hamilton Medical Inc. Elsner said the company has already received hundreds of orders and requests over the past few weeks.

At the same time, smaller, rural hospitals in the United States-which is often no more than 25 beds, just a respirator-may be forced to transfer patients to larger facilities, if they see a surge in cases.

“Is rural America,”said Alan Morgan, CEO of the National Rural Health Association. “You have a high proportion of low-income older persons health needs. So if you have a cluster in the rural communities will deteriorate.”

There is still a lot unknown about the virus

Although the prediction on what the thread of the next month may look like Americans, health care systems and communities across the world, a top U.S. health officials say there is still a lot unknown.

“This is evolving,”Dr. Anthony Fauci, National Institutes of Health told CNN on Wednesday night. “This is evolving, every day we learn more and more.”

In recent days, administration officials have begun to emphasize the role young people can play how much and how fast the spread of the virus-and urged young people to heed the warnings and take them seriously.

These countries has some of the most severe restrictions to combat the spread of coronavirus

“Even as important is that you have a responsibility, a social responsibility to protect the vulnerable,”Fauci said. “And you do this, it is interesting, by not allowing yourself to be infected, because you need to make sure you don’t inadvertently infect others who will not vote As well as you.”

Recent studies and an outbreak in Massachusetts has pointed to the fact that infected, but asymptomatic residents can drive the virus to spread more health officials to implement.

“It may be, the Millennium generation, our greatest generation, our future generation, this will take us Through for the next ten years-likely a disproportionate number of infections among this group,”Dr. Deborah Buell Alex, the White House Cov response coordinator, said Wednesday.

“Therefore, I want to appeal to that generation…not only calling your attention to what is in the guide, but to really ensure that each and everyone of you is to protect each other,”she said. “We can’t let these large gatherings, continue to occur in the country people work, and then you can socialize in large groups and spread the virus.

“You have potential, and then spread to someone who does not have a condition that none of us know, and it has disastrous results.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, he was in earlier this week to inform the people of New York prepare to shelter in place, told CNN on Wednesday, the San Francisco, with its own order, setting the”best examples.”

“I urge every American to see what San Francisco is doing,”he said. “I think that’s what it will for many of us. It is very clear rules about stay in the home only a few activities.”

CNN’s Marc Morales Sara on and Athena Jones contributed to this report.

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